It’s a Virgin Trains DE-BRA-CLE

In this Yewtree-tastic world we live in, we'd like to imagine that we’ve come a long way from the groping, grasping, heavy breathing sexism of yore. But Virgin Trains seems to think that the women who work for them are Barbara Windsor in Carry On Camping, more than happy to show off their bras while Bernard Bresslaw says ‘corrr.’

babs gif

The latest uniforms for Virgin’s female train staff feature short, skimpy red blouses that are almost see through. As a result, employees have been complaining that unless they wear a red bra, their underwear is clearly visible through the material.

Now, if you’ve ever met a woman, you know she’s got about 3 bras – a black one, a manky grey/once-white one and a fancy one for when she wants a shag. So Virgin’s Business Support (GEDDIT?) department has offered employees a £20 voucher to buy a new bra.

Its director, Andy Cross, who sounds like Mr Grace from Are You Being Served said: “It’s important that our people feel comfortable and so we will be issuing vouchers in the next few days for ladies to buy undergarments to wear under their blouses.’

But the ‘ladies’ don’t want to buy new ‘undergarments’. Why the hell should they?

Manuel Cortes, general secretary for rail union TSSA, said: 'Our female members want to be judged with dignity on their professionalism in the workplace.'

But I have a suggestion. If they're going to keep the blouses, maybe Branson could redress the balance and put his male employees in a pair of skimpy gauze briefs with 'Virgin' written across the arse?


  • Alexis
    So, just buy a red bra. Virgin will even pay. They love shopping for them anyway.
  • Grammar N.
    The fancy one should be red anyway, if it isn't its their own fault.
  • Inspector G.
    Surely they'd need 5 bras - one for each day of the shift?
  • chewbaccca
    ^What grammar Nazi said. Even although he can't even tell the difference between grammer and speelong. Resistance is futile. The fucking moron. (the above may contain spelling mistakes)
  • Steve
    Virgin train office uniforms used to have key towns and cities from their network written on them. The city on the chest area, why "Bristol" of course.

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