Italians slap £2.5m fine on Ryanair for ash cloud conduct

Bitterwallet - Michael O'Leary welcomes families to Ryanair

Ryanair have been hit with a hefty fine by the Italian civil aviation authority following their recent conduct during the ash cloud crisis.

The Sky Marshall and his gang are €3 million (£2.5m) lighter in the pocket after the Italians decided that they failed to help passengers by offering them mandatory assistance after cancelling flights during Ash Cloud Week in April. The air agency, Enac, found that Ryanair neglected to provide passengers at Rome's Ciampino airport with drinks, foods and accommodation as required by European law.

At the time, the Sky Marshall noisily parped: “There’s no legislation designed that says any airline getting a fare of €30 should be reimbursing passengers many thousands of euros for hotel accommodation. It’s absurd. I don’t have a problem with everything being grounded for a day or two but there should have been a much faster response by the governments and transport ministers and by the regulators. This is one of these issues we want addressed – why exactly are the airlines expected to be reimbursing people’s hotels, meals and everything else when the governments are the ones who made a balls of this?”

Ryanair have described Enac’s allegation as “complete rubbish.”


  • andy y.
    On this occasion SkyCaptain's twattish statements have cost his shareholder's dear. Yes there are regulations which make it clear that passengers are entitled to food and accommodation for delayed flights and he knows it. The price paid for the ticket is irrelevant. I'm a Ryanair fan ,cheap generally punctual flights from local airports...great. But it's time that they understood that Ryanair does not have special permission to ignore all consumer laws. Sky Captain you are a God and a c unt , but mainly nowadays more of the latter.
  • Jody
    It's true 30 euros for a flight £100s in food hotels etc, for goodness sake take out travel insurance its an exta 18 euros when booking, a lot were taking absolut advantage I saw people booking in to £500 a night acom thinking that the airlines would pay for it ,along with there expensive cocktails etc they were ordering, O'leary is a smart man he will just simply shut down a few italian routes then they wont get the low cost fares that they italians thrive off, whats the bet they will quickly take back there awarded fine
  • Shooter M.
    @ Jody: You really just don't understand the concept of consumer protection legislation, do you?
  • Paulo M.
    Serves the "consumer" right for being greedy cunts, or simply lazy for not taking travel insurance.
  • andy y.
    Paulo you have a bright future as Head Of PR for Skycaptain.
  • Wibble
    Travel insurance? It won't cover you, dickheads.
  • dunfyboy
    Wibble beat me to it. Insurance doesn't cover you for acts of god, which is what they're claiming this is.
  • kfcws
    Last time I checked Volcanoes were a natural occurance. And not a fictional construct.
  • Atheos, A.
    Fuck off! It was nothing to do with me. Yeah, let's all blame the gods. Except they don't exist - I know cos I've met them all.
  • andy y.
    Hello Mr O'Leary.Thanks for posting on Bitterwallet
  • anonymous
    unless i'm really stuck, i will pay more and not fly ryanair, in the past i have used ryanair (years back) but no longer, sadly BA thinks ryanair business module is the way to go, how wrong could BA they be. let me say this, i can see ryanair's point, about having to pay up unfair compensations, however i also beleive that ryanair is responsible to bring back everyone asap. about Ryanair and the ash cloud flight cancellations, after the flights had resumed, i remember reading about ryanair backing down to the british government, and a couple of days later i remember reading that ryanair had cleared their back log, well shortly after i went on holiday to gran canaria where i met some families who were still stuck in my hotel who had gone with ryanair, basically Ryanair rebook the passengers on flights 10 days later saying that these were the only flights available while the website was still selling flights to new passengers, however ryanair was charging around £570 per person to amend the flight (bring the date forward), so people after rebooking the flights 10 days laters also rebook accomodation on the same hotel for another 10 days... in the other hand the other operators gather every one from diferent hotels into one single hotel and in a couple of days had 100's of people shifted at once back to the UK. The ryanair people i spoke to, had work commitments (extra time off means extra holiday to be taken, etc), but decided to stay put to make sure they have not broken any of the ryanair rules, like loose the hotel refund or for that matter being charged £570 admin fee to change the flight. what Ryanair should have done is put everyone up in certain accomodation and then at once shift everyone back asap, it would have saved them money and customers would have been understanding and happy, that is what other operators like thomson, etc, etc done. I personally will not be flying ryanair unless i'm totally stuck
  • Skymarshall
    Fucking cheapskate Italian bastards. God should be paying people for the "act of God". Not me.
  • Ryanair r.
    [...] heavy fine on RyanaireuronewsRyanair fined over assistance to ash passengersRadio New ZealandBitterwallet -Scotsmanall 202 news [...]
  • JustAnotherEytalian
    Skymarshall, Those bloody Eytalians. They expected Blue&Yellow to abide by the same rules other airlines have to. Which would mean Ryanair has to provide the same guarantees - edible food, lavatories, seats, safe airplanes - we have all taken for granted with other airlines. Instead, MOL says "Hey, we're cheap, don't expect the same stuff!". Fine by me, until he will try to get less fuel on airplanes (oh... sorry, he did that already in 2008!), or get rid of the co-pilot (done, 2010), or push tired pilots to cut corners in security procedures (uhm ... the last ten years). Being a fucking cheapskate Italian bastard, I will take a Ryanair flight within the next month, after a five years pause (courtesy of two non-European relocations).
  • Iesha K.
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