Italians look to make standing room on flights a reality

Sky Marshall Michael O'Leary, your dreams are about to come true. The Ryanair boss has long spouted off about passengers standing on flights so he can pack more of them in. Simply banging on about the fact has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of PR for the airline, which was no doubt the point. But now an Italian engineering firm is the process of manufacturing stand-up airline seats.

Bitterwallet - Aviointeriors Ryanair standing seats
According to Travolution, the company, called Aviointeriors are going ahead with its high density seating, known as SkyRider.

“This posture permits that the overall longitudinal space occupied by the seat with the seated passenger is far less than that of a conventional, very high density 28-inch economy class seat.”

“The SkyRider is intended as a new basic class. The passenger’s seating position is similar to that of a touring motor-scooter rider.

Similar, except scooters don't travel at 500 miles per hour. Unless they're driven by an Italian. Not that the aviation authorities are likely to allow standing without substantial proof that legs won't be broken during a bad landing, but why don't airlines skip standing and demand passengers are stacked in cardboard boxes during flights.


  • PokeHerPete
  • Pinky
    I'd rather never leave this shithole country then have to stand crammed into a giant metal coffin full of fat pasty sun readers.
  • Fox H.
  • ButterMan
  • akiss
    Wouldn't it be better to house passengers horizontally? Oh no, not another all female college trip......and Mr Johnson - the Johnson baby oil rep is here ~again~ with his breifcase of poorly contained samples. I just hate these long haul flights. #sigh
  • john2020md
    this sounds too far fetched...absaloute twaddle.....
  • me
    Che cazzo È questo vero?
  • dongledongle
    I heard an airline was looking to stack people in coffins for the flight, but united airlines got there first.
  • hippy1001
    doesnt look like they are height adjustable for small people and kids. They also look taller than other seats on airplanes which means the over head luggage compartment will need to be removed or made even smaller, which means that there will be more bags in the hold (more money for airlines excess baggage) Think ill just drive everywhere, i dont wanna go to a foreign country anyway, they all full of foreign people i dont like, apart from spain which is full of those english folk i like even less than foreign people.
  • Kevin
    Also none of the airplane manufacturers would allow them to be installed, they would need seperate permission to change the layouts for licensing reasons etc etc.
  • Why B.
    [...] more reason we won’t see the likes of Ryanair fitting those Italian stand-up seats anytime soon – apart from the fact aviation authorities would never allow them in the air. Or [...]

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