Is now the right time to book your flights?

For those of you counting the days, don’t worry, the next bank holiday isn’t that far away- Good Friday lands in exactly a month’s time. But is this the ideal time to book your next holiday abroad or not? The helpful chaps at Kayak have crunched the numbers and can tell you the ideal time to book, and which days to fly to get the cheapest deals. But it all depends on where you’re going…

On average, Kayak recommend that British travellers book around three months ahead of their departure date, but some destinations require looking even further ahead, with travellers needing five months waiting time for South America, four months in advance for the Caribbean, and a whopping seven months for trips to Asia. European jaunts can be timed to perfection as the best prices are available one month ahead of time, but those looking for a trip Stateside need to book only two weeks before leaving.


Kayak also looked at the best day to fly, and based on their data from between November 2014 and February 2015, flying in the middle of the week is the cheapest option for all long-distance routes. On average, the cheapest flights depart on a Thursday and return between Tuesday and Thursday.


Note that while weekend flying is normally most expensive, a simple change to a European long weekend could save you a packet. A four-day Friday to Monday weekend break would be weighted with premium prices, but a break of identical length from Thursday to Sunday actually comes in as the cheapest option. So what are you waiting for?

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