Is another Tube strike on the way?

10 August 2015

london_underground_sign If you live in London, there's some more bad news for you. No, we're not talking about your rent, but rather, the chance of another strike on the Tube.

The unions have announced that staff are going to walk out again, in a bid to get a correct deal reached. Four unions, including The RMT union, the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA), Unite and Aslef, have so far taken part in two rounds of industrial action.

Today, the union leaders are to reconvene talks with the big-wigs of the London Underground. Basically, no-one can come to an agreement about the conditions being offered as part of the new Night Tube, which of course, is all set to kick-off on September 12th.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has accused the unions of 'holding a gun' to Londoners' heads, while the Tube staff unions are saying they just want a fair deal and that the rotas which have been drawn up for the new Night Tube were "from hell", and would disrupt the work-life balance of staff.

General Secretary of the RMT, Mick Cash, says: "It is time for Boris Johnson to stop the posturing and start talking. This latest stunt of writing to all tube staff just confirms that he is calling the shots on Night Tube from top to bottom and doesn't understand the fury he has unleashed across all grades, depots and lines."

"The continued refusal of the London Mayor to have any direct contact with the transport unions, despite the fact that he is clearly in charge of the tube dispute, ‎is a ludicrous way to deal with a crisis that has developed on his watch."

"The appeal direct to the tube workforce ignores the anger and concerns of nearly 20,000 union members, reflected in massive votes in successive ballots, and will just inflame the situation."

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