Is a summer holiday abroad still an option for you?

Compared to twelve months ago, the prospect of going abroad for your summer hols is as attractive as Jacqui Smith starring in her husband's late night boing boing. There's plenty of trouble at home to distract us, what with the small matter of economic collapse and booming redundancies, but there's also the problem of the pound tumbling against both the Euro and the US Dollar; one year ago, you'd get 1.27 Euros to the pound and a full $2 for a quid.

That said, the global recession is forcing some operators to cut their own cloth accordingly. Virgin Atlantic recently offered transatlantic flights for their lowest prices in three years, while some US carriers have been practically giving away domestic flights between New York and LA for less than $100; on Tuesday, JetBlue offered flights from San Francisco to New York for the impossible price of $14. Meanwhile British Airways were recently selling return flights from the UK to New Zealand for less than £400, a ludicrously low price unless you have to travel in the luggage hold.

The package holiday folks are well aware that money is tight, too: the likes of Thomas Cook are offering holidays to Gran Cranaria for less than £180 per person right now. So the question is, will you still be taking the family abroad this Summer? Despite the economic misery, are you still treating the family to a fortnight in the sun, or are you content to take a break in the UK this year and save some pennies?

How will your holiday plans change this year, if at all? Let us know where you're going and what you're doing differently.


  • Sinbad
    Just booked our summer holiday, still going abroad but can't afford two weeks away right now- cant make the money stretch past a week and afraid to be away from work for any longer (feels like every man for themselves right now).
  • acecatcher3
    no holiday for me this year.
  • Martin S.
    Yes I am still going abroad, but waiting for a last minute bargain as opposed to booking months before.
  • MinstrelMan
    The common myth of last minute deals being better value than booking early still runs deep in some people eh? rather than relying on package deals, break it down and book everything yourself. in Janruary I got return flights for £98 in taxes with bmi baby from manchester to majorca, and 7 nights at hotel America (rated number 1 in resort by trip advisor) with 10% quidco and a 40% sale at this was down to £63 PER ROOM per night, All inclusive. Thats a holiday for family of 3 for less than £700 (ok you have to budget for transfers - resorthoppa) bargin!
  • dvdj
    Going to Egypt in September in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel - that way the crap £ doesn't matter too much!
  • blondie76
    I'll be going abroad...Cuba or Egypt maybe...need the incentive of guaranteed sunshine! I do all inclusive too...much better idea to keep a watch on the pennies!!

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