iPad flies off the shelves, across the Atlantic on Iceland Express

29 November 2010

Bitterwallet - Iceland Express iPadUnless you've some outrageous desire to fly from the UK to the US via Iceland, then Iceland Express probably wouldn't be your first choice of airline. That said, they do occasionally offer some very decent sale prices (although their limited schedule from Heathrow to Reykjavik means a mish-mash of dates for flying) and now they're trying to lure more passengers on board with a European first - on-board entertainment courtesy of the iPad.

Initially, all passengers will be offered the iPad on transatlantic flights, before the service is rolled out to all routes over the next several months. Each device will be preloaded with films, TV shows, magazines, books and games, but they won't be WiFi enabled.

"We have been offering a mobile entertainment unit to our passenger for the past two years onboard our European flights, but now that Iceland Express is going transatlantic, it makes sense for us to invest in a device that is more geared towards long-haul," said a breathlessly enthusiastic spokesperson for the airline.

While an iPad has an ideal battery life for longhaul flights, and solves the issues of viewing a screen fixed to the a reclining seat in front, it'll be interesting to see how battery life and content will be managed across a fleet with thousands of seats.

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  • Pretentious C.
    But I already have a iPad *smirk*
  • meh
    I was on Iceland Express' first transatlantic flight, from Heathrow to Reykjavik, and onto NYC. The transfer in Iceland was a complete mess, and their computers broke, leading to a big delay. Oh, and the plane was ooooold, and I was stuck next to a smelly Icelandic teenager with chronic nosebleeds throughout the flight. :( I'll probably fly with them again if the price is right, I just hope the service is better. Not sure iPads would have made up for last time.
  • ipad t.
    > it’ll be interesting to see how battery life and content will be managed across a fleet with thousands of seats. It'll be more interesting to see how many of them walk.
  • more s.
    @pretentious its AN iPad. knobhead :)
  • Internet T.
    @more pretentious stavros it's, not its
  • billu
    Tit's not it's
  • Nobby
    Fannys not tits. Alright a bit of tit too.

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