Internal flights on US airlines - your cut-out-and-keep guide

The recent flash sales by US airlines have seen plenty of flights given away for buttons. Indeed, if you can manage to scrape together the coffers to fling yourself across the Atlantic, there are some very generous deals by domestic airlines that can turn a one-site holiday in North America into a multistop adventure.

If you're planning on criss-crossing 50 states or you're a regular traveller on internal flights, USA Today has a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to all the airline fees you can expect to pay on domestic US flights, from reserving seats and additional hand luggage charges, to fees for overweight backs and changes to your tickets.

[USA Today]


  • chrisg.
    I've got a fat back, Lynn.
  • Tom P.
    What the fuck is this post about? Another subliminal dig at our favorite airline, Ryanair?
  • Antique A.
    There is not that much difference between the charge for Unaccompanied minor age 5-7 and the charge for carrying a Pet aboard the flight. This is a useful guide. The next time I have to pay for my nephews and nieces to travel they are definitely going in the hold.
  • > H.
    I cut it out, but now I have a massive hole in my screen, and I have to move the windows to the edges to read anything, any thoughts?
  • Paul S.
    Tom, the title pretty much sums it up. It's a guide to fees and charges on US domestic airlines. Some folk fly on them. Some folk don't. It'll be useful to some, not to others. Fairly straight forward.

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