INTERMAWEB KLAXON! Ryanair has a new website!

Usually we wouldn't get excited by a website redesign, but when you've been staring at the Ryanair website for so long that you fail to shake the sensation that it's 1997, it's something to be highlighted:

Bitterwallet - new Ryanair website

It's certainly looks like a landing page that was designed in the past decade, and while the yellow and blue colour scheme still causes violent nausea, it's a welcome improvement. Sadly, Ryanair's button monkeys haven't got any further so you'll soon be plunged back into yesteryear once you peruse flight details.


  • james D.
    Wow it is a bit of an assault on the senses isnt it
  • callum
    It popped up yesterday and I hate it as well - although after using it for a while it is a bit easier to use than the last one (marginally). The design was fine how it was before though - I'm glad they haven't changed the flight detail bit.
  • Maude
    Still doesn't come close to Be Unlimited's utterly shite clusterfuck of a website.
  • Mike L.
    Ah, that will be the reason for the new £2/€2 "Website redesign fee" that will shortly be tacked onto tickets. Customers can avoid this fee by using the old site, which is accessed using Netscape Navigator 3.
  • Jonathan T.
    The flight/dates details page is less responsive than a crashing ZX81. Very very poor.
  • Darren
    Why is the ryanair website no longer showing the availabilty and prices of flights when you click on the weekly view....? Each little box for each day now just says 'LOW FARES AVAILABLE' Oh really....! So why not display them... Absolutely useless and a typical example of: IF IT'S NOT BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT...

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