Insurers won't touch old people with a bargepole

24 May 2011

old coupleYou know that dream of sailing round the world at age 65 66 67,  with your pension in your pocket and not a care in the world? Not happening.

Besides the fact that your pension is unlikely to be up to world cruise level (unless you are an MP...) our friends over at Which! have discovered that our jolly friends at the Insurance companies won't actually insure you to travel once you're over a certain age.

The research discovered that 25% of the surveyed  providers  would not annually insure a traveller over the age of 60, and a whopping 90% would not insure somebody over the age of 80 for annual cover.  And it's not much better for single trip cover, with 86% of insurers having an upper age limit and less than 30% offering cover to people in their 80s.

And even if you can get cover, you know you're going to be paying through the nose for it. The survey discovered massive premium increases as people got older, with one policy increasing almost 4-fold between the ages of 65 and 66.  Which! executive director, Richard Lloyd, stated the bleeding obvious by saying “it’s absurd that you could wake up one morning and suddenly be three times more expensive to insure.”

Which! are hopeful that the government, who are clearly of the mind that 67 is still young, will be able to 'encourage' providers to be more lenient on older customers. We'll be holding our breath*

*Oh. No we won't.


  • Billy
    Took my 1st cruise last year, (1st leg of a world cruise for many on that ship), 3 dead within the 1st 10 days, some poor blighter dead as the ship left the port on night one. God knows how many managed to disembark upon arrival back in Southampton. Floating morgues.... Anyhow, better sticking with one of those all in current accounts, you'll be covered (mostly).
  • will
    I have a relative who is captain on a mainstream cruise company. He says the ship he commands has a freezer for up to 12 bodies. And it's not uncommon to have to make unscheduled stops to empty the freezers. Anyone would think that cruise ships are rife with the plague.
  • Sawyer
    @will: Plagues aside (although I think norovirus killed a few passengers last year), there's a well-known type of cruise passenger whose main reason for going on the cruise is to pop their clogs before the end of it. I used to work on cruise ships, and have met at least one old chap who expressed disappointment that he had survived until disembarkation day. That said, I've never had a passenger die on my ships. Two heart attacks, a suicide and an attempted murder... but those were all crew members.
  • Elton J.
    - Which! executive director, Richard Lloyd, stated the bleeding obvious by saying “it’s absurd that you could wake up one morning and suddenly be three times more expensive to insure.” Not if I have bummed you during the night.
  • Richard
    I see the point here but come one, why bother wasting money on insurance at 80, its not like your gonna be alive long enough to enjoy the payout if something does happen :-P
  • Another R.
    Which! would do better to try and find out information about the risk involved in insuring certain ages. As it stands I agree with Richard. If you are fit, don't bother. You are just subsidising others.
  • callum
    Annual cover would be useless for cruise around the world as they are generally limited to trips of up to 30 days. Anyway, the reason they get higher quotes is because they cost the insurance company more. Just like if I had a heart attack, I'd have to pay more to get future insurance. A bit unfair I agree, but that#s the way it's always been.
  • Billy
    Callum, You're right, however it's a fairly small charge to have this extended for trips up to 180 days at a time. On another note, if you can go away for 93 days at a time on a world cruise, insurance costs are negligible I guess or not required. Potential beneficiaries of an OAP passing away are likely to be more annoyed. As for spammy yang, fuck off - If that's the end result of a Rosetta Stone course, you've saved us all a few quid.
  • Kevin
    You are old, you are more likely to die or to have some injury or illness that will cost money. The insurance companies aren't in it for their own good. Just like they wouldn't give insurance to other higher risk groups.

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