In The (Spanish) Shops Now! You wouldn't trust it would you?

24 December 2009

Olive oil you say? Yeah, whatever.


[via Archie_V]

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  • zeddy
    BP? Yeh, bottled piss.
  • zeddy
    ....from a virgin.....called Oliva......from Andalucia.
  • Alex
    I don't think I would buy this products even if I could read spanish.
  • Akabusi
    I loved my Spirograpgh, awooga. BP paid me handsomely for that. Virgins, mmmmmmm, Busi would hit that like a Lungron punch test.
  • Exactly
    Will this BP work in my car? Or rather will my car still work after putting this BP in my car?
  • Bob
    Looks like BP have started drilling virgins Time for me to change jobs

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