In the shops now! Sex sells in Sweden, possibly

25 September 2009

The Swedish are well known/inappropriately stereotyped for their lack of sexual inhibitions. Still, it comes as a shock to the Brit abroad to see what they're openly promoting in shop windows:

Image by James Cridland on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Very occasional Bitterwallet reader James Cridland spotted this earlier in the week while in Stockholm. Anybody care to translate and tell us what we're looking at? Another, slightly filthier attempt by the Nordic countries to entice the Brits to visit?

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  • Steve
    The literal translation is something like "final sprint"
  • andythebrave
    End of sale is the nearest equivalent.
    That Cridland fella gets everywhere!
  • What �.
    [...] In the shops now! Sex sells in Sweden, possibly | BitterWallet [...]

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