If you want to bribe Bitterwallet, do a better job than this

18 March 2010

Sorry easyJet, but as sweeteners go, this is hopeless. We've all got summer holidays coming up, flights to buy, that sort of thing, and you send a frigging cookie to the Bitterwallet offices. Pathetic. Admittedly it's a big cookie, but Mof's already ate half the bloody thing - by the time Andy gets back from the off license there'll be sod all left.

Bitterwallet - easyJet biscuit

According to new passenger numbers released by the Civil Aviation Authority, easyJet is now the diameter of this cookie. Congratulations.


  • Nobby
    Send £10* to Ryanair and they'll send you one too. *plus £2.95 P&P, £5.00 credit card charge and £2.05 make-it-a-nice-round-number charge.
  • Nobby
    PS. Just tell Andy that you were cleaning up and you saw you had an Easyjet cookie, so you've deleted it.
  • Paul S.
    He's already drunk and angry. I fear for my life.
  • PaulH
    I think that's good of them... ...At least it wasn't Ryan Air leaving a bag full of faecal matter on your doorstep, setting it alight then running away...
  • Paul S.
    It's coming, I imagine.
  • Stelios I.
    Watch out for the ones conveniently indicated by the arrows. Those were laced with strychnine.
  • Stelios I.
    Oh and all the white ones are made from check-in staff man-fat. Enjoy! Who was it who had already eaten half again?
  • Gunn
    That was nice of them, are you sure it was from them??
  • joanne
    I want cookies now *salivates*
  • joanne
    Although, its not much of a bribe to make you say nice things about them...a bottle of jagermeister, now theres a bribe...
  • cookie
    Me want cookie.
  • Johnters
    I thought it was an easyjet branded condom at first. Hence the "size matters".
  • Joff
    Are you sure that's not a hoax cookie set by Ryanair? It's probably been wedged in O'Leary's arse crack for the past week.

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