If you want to bribe Bitterwallet, do a better job than this

Sorry easyJet, but as sweeteners go, this is hopeless. We've all got summer holidays coming up, flights to buy, that sort of thing, and you send a frigging cookie to the Bitterwallet offices. Pathetic. Admittedly it's a big cookie, but Mof's already ate half the bloody thing - by the time Andy gets back from the off license there'll be sod all left.

Bitterwallet - easyJet biscuit

According to new passenger numbers released by the Civil Aviation Authority, easyJet is now the diameter of this cookie. Congratulations.


  • Nobby
    Send £10* to Ryanair and they'll send you one too. *plus £2.95 P&P, £5.00 credit card charge and £2.05 make-it-a-nice-round-number charge.
  • Nobby
    PS. Just tell Andy that you were cleaning up and you saw you had an Easyjet cookie, so you've deleted it.
  • Paul S.
    He's already drunk and angry. I fear for my life.
  • PaulH
    I think that's good of them... ...At least it wasn't Ryan Air leaving a bag full of faecal matter on your doorstep, setting it alight then running away...
  • Paul S.
    It's coming, I imagine.
  • Stelios I.
    Watch out for the ones conveniently indicated by the arrows. Those were laced with strychnine.
  • Stelios I.
    Oh and all the white ones are made from check-in staff man-fat. Enjoy! Who was it who had already eaten half again?
  • Gunn
    That was nice of them, are you sure it was from them??
  • joanne
    I want cookies now *salivates*
  • joanne
    Although, its not much of a bribe to make you say nice things about them...a bottle of jagermeister, now theres a bribe...
  • cookie
    Me want cookie.
  • Johnters
    I thought it was an easyjet branded condom at first. Hence the "size matters".
  • Joff
    Are you sure that's not a hoax cookie set by Ryanair? It's probably been wedged in O'Leary's arse crack for the past week.

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