Idiots on the road: now more idiotic

There's a time and a place to read a book.

However that time and place is not while driving 70mph and on the M1. A driver managed to read a novel for at least 10 miles while sitting in the middle lane. This is a new low in cock-tippery.

dangerous driver

Perhaps she was catching up last minute with her book club, or perhaps she was just being an utterly stupid moron who NEEDED TO KNOW what happened in the book. The keen reader was spotted by a fellow road user, with a book open at her steering wheel.

It is not known what book she was reading.

It's said the woman continued reading until he pulled off the motorway at Junction 27. Nottinghamshire Police said they had seen the picture, and have spokesmanly said: "Any images taken by a member of the public and provided to police will be treated as intelligence."

Unless, of course, you're taking photos of accidents which the police said is really dangerous.


  • No c.
    Once saw a woman with an IPAD!!!
  • God
    I got overtaken by a black Saab 900 Turbo on the M25 years ago; the driver had a magazine in one hand and a sandwich in the other.
  • RP
    OMG what about weekend drivers they are hazzard. They pull out, don't give you notice or space and they think your in the wrong. Middle lane hoggers. BUT weekend drivers are the worst don't have a clue how to drive on the motorway. Also idots that don't know how to stay in the correct lane. The lines are painted for a reason.
  • Jack
    I've eaten dinner with a knife and fork whilst driving. It was easy, I didn't even spill my pint in the cupholder.
  • Nert
    In slow moving traffic in N London I watched a woman driving with breakfast on a tray on her lap, taking her hands off the wheel to eat with a knife and fork. Some people clearly won't do sandwiches.

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