I can haz wifi on Virgin Trains? Yes! No? No. Maybe.

So Virgin Trains has begun rolling out wifi access on its west coast mainline service. That's good news, and not before time since National Express (and GNER previously) have offered on-board internet access for the past four or five years on the east coast mainline.

Except Virgin are still well behind the times with their new service; while National Express made internet access free 18 months ago, Virgin will charge for access unless you happen to be a first class passenger or T-Mobile customer. This visionary move from the brand launching Virgin Galactic in the next 12 months. Watch out for the high-powered business man using VoIP and eating up all the bandwidth in the new Virgin Trains ad beginning on TV tonight, and be less than astonished by the lack of small print to point this detail out.

Still, their wifi policy may be stranded in the dark ages, but at least their posters have their finger on the pulse of social meeja, innit?


  • Mike H.
    God, twitter is so 10 minutes ago, it's all about antisocial networks now don't ya know?
  • BingoB
    surely encouraging twitter is shooting themselves in the foot? "stuck on a delayed/broken down shitty virgin train"
  • Simon W.
    WIFI on the trains is usually pretty poor any way. You cant use Citrix , You cant watch video. But heres the silver lining you can get a Google page !!
  • CompactDstrxion
    I've always preferred getting on the net on my G1 instead of dragging the laptop out anyway.
  • Trinsalto
    lolz yeah bingo 'stuck on virgin train with #swineflu'
  • Nobby
    It is not that they have their finger on the pulse. The only thing you can stay connected for long enough to do is a single twitter.
  • Jack
    Everyone loves something until it get too popular. I too enjoyed twitter when it was more geeky and exclusive. Richard Branson was on Digg dialalog the other day, hes a pretty cool guy.
  • Ian
    Well you are all a bunch of boring gits. No info just opinions. Does Virgin WIFI work well or not? Facts only please
  • 1st T.
    Facts....it doesn't work well and isn't well supported. Support before 8am seems to be via a call centre (in the U.S. - they asked me to call back after 8am to get help, by which time I'm walking in the street and not on the problematic train) and across 3 trains now I've had problems and haven't brought myself to ask the staff as I fear I know the answer......you need to speak to T-Mobile. I suspect it needs rebooting like home wireless routers seem to do and no-one on-board bothers. T-Mobile don't even seem to have a UK hotspot presence as far as I can find online - the hotspot page is a US one, why didn't Virgin pick a partner with an established UK wifi hotspot network and the associated support infrastructure?
  • peter w.
    totally useless today, never able to connect
  • bill
    It's still utter crap in Aug 2011!

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