HUKD Pick: Stay in The Hilton at 50% off on weekends, anywhere in the world

Why stay at The Travel Lodge, when for about the same price, you can lounge in style over at The Hilton instead?

Hilton Hotles is doing a 50% off offer between now and the 31st of January on weekends.

Plenty of HUKDers have since benefited from this offer (thanks gallen9 for posting the deal).

A few things to note:

1. Enter the code 'P78EXO' at the bottom of the search pages, as otherwise sometimes the full price will pop up.

2. There are a few variations of the code available, so try them if the first one doesn't work. These include P78EXO, P82EXO and PR09SW.

3. Make sure stays are weekend only - whether it be for 1 or 2 days.

And best of all, it looks like the offer is worldwide. So maybe it's time again to spend a night in Paris.

(the hotel, not the heiress!)

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