Huge leap in robot mouth technology

Fifteen long months ago, we brought you a huge leap forward in robot mouth technology, with incredible footage of erm, a robot mouth as pioneered by Professor Hideyuki Sawada at Kagawa University in Japan. It’s probably still fresh in your memory but if it isn’t, here’s that footage again…

Fast forward a year and a quarter and the progress that has been made is nothing short of remarkable. Here’s the latest footage that has been smuggled out of Professor Sawda’s secret laboratory. The only word we can think of to describe it is ‘stunning’.

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  • StauntonLick
    That's gone straight into my nightmare bucket. Thanks, BW.
  • Brian's D.
    Its Look Like Loose Vagina. If I fuck it will that be a Blow Job???? .. Fuck Face
  • samuri
    it's amazing what you can do with a hoover and a fleshlight
  • ElBuc
    I have a sudden urge to face Mecca and pray
  • Mr B.
    Is it a biscuit
  • Stu_
    Not half as funny as this: They've taken the singing mouth and transposed it over a robot that gives birth!
  • Steve
    Fuck me! Is that a replica of Kerry Katona's cunt!?
  • James D.
    Do you think that this was just made to stick your cock into. Oh, and by the way it also sings?
  • why t.
    If they can make a robot sing, then why cant they get my wife to shut the fuck up.

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