Huffy flight attendant immortalised by genius Taiwan news animators

Steven Slater, the American flight attendant who had a meltdown/flounce combo as his plane came in to land the other day is Big News now. How do we know this? It’s because his story has been made into an animated re-enactment for Taiwanese news.

In the past, Gordon Brown’s temper and Tiger Woods’ suspicious car crash have been immortalised by the genius Taiwanese animators and now Slater has joined the hall of fame.

We reckon we’re only weeks away from Sky News adopting this technique on a regular basis as they aim to sensationalise the way we digest the latest goings-on. Do we SERIOUSLY believe the idea wasn’t mooted during the Raoul Moat manhunt? Of course not.


  • Issac M.
    or men. judging by 0:43/1:12
  • Nobby
    The story posted yesterday implied the passenger was male, and that he hit the flight attendant with the luggage. It also missed out the gay lover part completely.
  • foxy f.
    Or men? What are you banging on about, weirdo.
  • Mark
    "We reckon we’re only weeks away from Sky News adopting this technique" Weeks?? Theyve just shown this exact video on Sky News @13.12hrs Haha!
  • Mark
    Minus the part with the gay lover!
  • I'm m.
    Cabin attendant ?? Gay ?????? How can this be ?????????????
  • The B.
    WTF???? IS DIS 4 REAL???
  • Mark
    YAWN @ The real Brian
  • smashingnicey
    oh forget the pithy comments - that vid was utter GENIUS.
  • Mr G.
    The insidious thing about these animations is that you vaguely remember what you saw as how it actually happened long after you've forgotten that it was a bullshit animation/re-enactment that you saw. Subliminal mind control! I was going to suggest they make an animation of how England would have looked if they had played football this summer - but nobody would believe that!
  • blagga
    It's not fucking Taiwan - it's in Cantonese and has .hk after the website. I thought mixing up German and Finnish was a schoolboy error but now? Tshhh!
  • Bin B.
    [...] from Taiwan’s, the team who take the top stories and CGI the living daylights out of them, pumping them full of madness while they’re about [...]

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