How to make money by flying Ryanair

No, the universe hasn't been turned upside down - there really is a way for you to make cash out of Ryanair right now.

We picked up this hot hustle from Travolution this afternoon, though we'll eat a hat of your choosing if Sky Marshall O'Leary hasn't sorted the loophole before you step foot on his aircraft again. If goes like this:

Ryanair is currently charging the same prices whether in Euro or British Pounds for its in-flight beverages. Nothing wrong with that - the two currencies have hovered close to another for a while now.

However, cabin crew will also give the change back in any currency - if you ask.

So, for example, buy a £3/€3 coffee and then pay for it with a €50 note. Then request that the change of €47 in British Sterling.

£47 currently converts to around €54 - so that's a free coffee AND 4 Euro in your pocket.

There's bound to be a member of the cabin crew that didn't get the memo, so give us a try and let us know how it works out!

[] via [Travolution]


  • mikeBeaver
    I am flying over to Frankfurt on Tuesday morning, so shall try it out and let you know if it is all good :p Mike..
  • adam
    Frankfurt ? Surely you mean Strasbourg and a coach transfer lol
  • numberwang
    its flawed because you have to fly with Ryanair and if that wasn't bad enough you also have to pour their bumjuice excuse for coffee down your tight little throat....... which in turn gives you the runs and you have to fork out all your profits to use the hole in the floor/toilet. was it worth it? :(
  • James
    Oh fuck off numberwang. Go fly with some pretentious cunts who have the facade of not ripping you off to your face. Honestly some people.
  • mustafa
    haha, awesome if it works, but pointless if you are not fyling with them anytime soon.
  • mikeBeaver
    Adam: Indeed, I forgot it was Ryanair and I would be a billion miles from anywhere, although I might add that if you get the flight they do to Bremen, the airport is right opposite the tram line, and the tram to the city centre takes about 4 mins, possibly a mistake by Ryanair that one though, as surely ALL their destinations need to be a field in the outback don't they?? Mike..
  • James R.
    What a sad little post
  • a47
    Pointless - no-one with an ounce of sense flies Ryanair - them and Easyjet have a monopoly on c**p service - who in their right mind would pay to be pushed around and abused by no-idea-about-how-to-treat-customers-airlines?
  • Jason
    I would leave a long post about how bad Ryanair are but I think this is adequate - They Suck. They Just...... Suck
  • Kash B.
    With the current £1 offer which is on till midnight tonight-that's a free drink and double your airfare back. Hahaha---has to be the tip of the century. Might put it up as a hot tip on my blog
  • numberwang
  • numberwang
    LOL again
  • kat
    Frankly I dont give a shit how crap the customer service is,or how shite the food is..I treat it like a bus!!! You dont get bus drivers kissing your ass.....and when it usually costs me about £20 quid to get to france and back I dont need my ego rubbed... Like James says...all the others rip you off by charging you shit loads of money for yes sir no sir bullshit etc etc .....
  • Inactive
    I wonder just how many of the Ryanair/Easyjet " Knocking Squad " have actually flown with them?
  • jinkssick
    im flying easyjet to amsterdam return for £41. its cheap, gets me there safely, ill take it. this is a great tip. ha going to madrid for £2 with them in november so will try it out.
  • milocoon
    Nothing wrong with Ryanair I used them recently to go to Girona from Bristol for 2 of us and a suitcase, it cost a grand total of £40 return. No frills carrier who mangaed NOT to lose my suitcase (compare that to BA at Terminal 5 when supposedly the number 1 airline made a pigs ear and lost thousands of suitcases). The only thing I can say bad about Ryanair is that you do need to learn what the ADD-ONS will cost you, I have a Halifax Electron charge which I used to pay for my flights which saved me almost £20 (I think it would have been £4.75 for each person per flight if I paid by a normal debit card), I always take home made rolls on the plane and virtually no-one on mour flights had any food or drink so before long I can see Mr O Leary cutting the cabin crew to maybe 1 person.
  • Mark T.
    BA didn't actually lose the suitcases, it mis-placed them! Ryanair still sucks and the owner is a tosser. If you book in advance you can get comparative deals with BA et al, and when it all goes tits up they'll look after you like a human being, hell, they'll even treat you like a human being on the plane. What are you paying extra for? All inclusive price, bigger luggage allowance, ability to change/cancel flights, free booze, free food, free newspapers, more legroom, pleasant cabin.. i could go on. Taking all that into consideration, paying £10-20 more for my flight actually seems like a bargain. If you MUST fly with no frills, at least have the decency to fly with Easy Jet, rather than lining the pockets of that fucking Irish twat.
  • Make W.
    [...] Bitterwallet, via, via [...]
  • adam
    I have had dealing with both airlines and yes it is like a bus, which is why I drive lol. Cant wait till they take out that toilet and have standing lean to benches for passengers, which they are investigating at the moment. Unless you are switched to all the scam extras it can be no cheaper than flying BA in the first place. I think the biggest one I heard was with BMI baby when someone traveling with their partner, each took a golf bag. Most airlines accept these but he was charged for these and then was explained this a credit card booking fee would apply to each set each way, so paid a booking fee four times on the same card lol
  • Kenny
    Ryanair!!!- yuk, not cheap, and nasty. Planes dirty, seats no recline... I cud go on but they are just shyte and defo not cheap.
  • ian_78
    Fly for creditcardsurcharge amount of 8 euros from London to Bremen, whereby in Bremen the airport is right in the city, and get priority boarding and who stands behind you in the cew and starts chattin to his mate and then to you, BOB GELDORF owner of ryan air, gettin first row all reserved for himself and sayin, " Do I have to wait here in line ?" "Oh no, Mr Geldorf", said the ryanair employee. So for me ryan air has never had a nasty suprise and cheap even 5 days before take off, compared to any other (don't like easyjet too much ,money put into marketing donf't sell me cool budget, not working stanos !!) and it is now Europe's largest air carrier, so moan all you like, snobbish lidl and aldi rejects (ers) (not much sense, but akwardly works) I'll see you on the plane maybe Lufthansa, although their service for the extra 100 whatever(who cares dollar, euro, or pound, if you fly lufthansa or the bancruptcy chaos BBABABaB) is reallly worth 7.5 extra cm extra legspace, 8,2 cm width crappy sandwich and tiny juice for FREEEEEEE,Yeah it's worth it because my seat is reserved, though ryanair boardin has improved, as you people are actually learning to cew and get on a plane like you get on the bus, what is so hard about it ? OOOOHHH it's not reserved get real you credit crunch ignorants, ian
  • ian_78
    Actually your communication skills are quite ryanair style, at least to your standards, bein upmarket, and all that, don't think so kenny
  • ryanair h.
    Mark thompson, does the fact that he is Irish add to the fact that hes a twat or is it just that your a racist?
  • Mark T.
    ryanair hater - you are a moron. A classic example of a complete moron. The fact it neither adds nor takes away from the fact he is a twat, seems to have been completely lost on you. Get a life, or join a modern activist group like the BNP.. they specialise in nonsensical whining.
  • Eddie
    This has to be the single most bizarre money-saving tip I've ever read on the Internet. If you're really that desperate to save a buck, just don't buy anything on the flight!
  • Nasty C.
    [...] How to attain money by air Ryanair | BitterWallet [...]
  • hmmm
    I fly often with RyanAir from Liverpool. I only have good experiences, and they are certainly very conveniently located here (a lot better to leave from/arrive at John Lennon than Manchester International, which is what all the "real" airlines here are using). So what's all this nonsense about "hidden fees" and getting screwed over? Nothing is hidden. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out what the charges were the first time I flew with the company (and nothing has changed since then), but perhaps I'm smarter than all these angry "cheated" people... Yes, they charge for luggage and yes, cabin drinks/food is overpriced (so is the airport's if you haven't noticed) and finally yes, there is a booking fee and and a fee for credit cards (per ticket). Is this really THAT complicated? These fees are all explained on the website, and can only be considered hidden if you are illiterate. What you end up paying is still pretty much always cheaper than what you pay elsewhere IF you don't have a lot of luggage and IF you don't plan to re-schedule your flight and IF you don't plan to get completely plastered on beer during your flight. It is NOT possible to find equal deals with BA, KLM or Lufthansa (or their little budget offsprings). That's why people keep flying with RyanAir.
  • make m.
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