Use Rail Rover to save on summer travel rail

Goodbye Magaluf. Farewell Orlando. Ta ta Turkey. The recession is biting us hard on the arse, and the Summer excursion to somewhere sunnier than Hull is in danger of the axe. It doesn't mean you can't take a holiday, but it might mean staying put in the UK for 2009.

Of course, if you've checked the cost of travelling and staying at venues in this country, you'll appreciate that you're not necessarily doing your bank account any favours by going domestic; a quick search for a three-night stay at CentreParcs in May reaveals an eye-watering cost of £409 for two people.

One alternative might be a jaunt across the country catching up with friends and family (the perfect way to board for free) and a Rail Rover, described by the Guardian as "one of the country's best kept travel secrets". These tickets allow an unlimited amount of rail trail within a specific region over a certain number of days. From example, the Anglia Plus 3 Days in 7 Pass allows unlimited travel on three days over a seven day period across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk for just £27. If you qualify for concessions and want to go nuts, the All Line Rover lets you travel anywhere in UK for a fortnight, as often as you like, for £375.

It's hardly a stroll along the Great Wall of China, but if you want to travel the country and do it on a budget, it's perfect.


  • Cammo
    I'm sorry to be a pain, but I thought this article was going to tell me how to holiday for less in the UK, but it acutally tells me how much it costs to buy a two week rail ticket in the UK. On another note, you hotukdeal people should know that being a little creative with dates and promo codes, you can get a 5 day break a centre parcs for under £200!! A little different to the missleading quote above.
  • Paul N.
    Thanks Cammo - clarified the title. Do you want to write up the centre parcs hack and we'll put it up?
  • si
    being a train driver its a bit of a busmans holiday
  • phil
    From your 'all line rover' 14 day link: Adult STANDARD CLASS £565
  • Paul S.
    That's true, but the article does specifically mention that the rate is for concessions.
  • Callum
    With a concession ticket costing £375, surely its a pretty expensive holiday (2 adults + 2 kids is almost £2000 just for train travel)...

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