How to get about during next week's Tube strikes

3 September 2010

Bitterwallet - London UndergroundCommuters and touirsts rejoice! London is bracing itself for a series of strikes on the tube, beginning on Monday. Talks between the RMT and London Underground have broken down with no date for further negotiations in the diary.

Beyond the 24 hour strike which starts on Monday evening and continue throughout Tuesday, there are three further 24 hour strikes planned - on 3 October, 2 November and 28 November. In a separate dispute, members of the TSSA union are taking industrial action on Tuesday, and depot works on the Northern and Jubilee lines are striking for 24 hours from Sunday evening onwards, which is also likely to cause problems. Excuse my French, but for fuck's sake, people.

What does it all mean for you? The walkouts begin on Monday from 5pm but are staggered, and not all drivers are members of the RMT union, so there should be at some trains running throughout the 24 hour period. However, any significant reduction in services will create pandemonium at rush hour, so London Underground has announced a list of additional services on major buses routes and river crossings.  There's also the new cycle hire scheme, but expect that to descend into playground fighting.

There's more information on travel alternatives on the Transport for London website.


  • StauntonLick
    "London, or as I spell it, S-H-I-T-Shithole!" - A. Partridge
  • Darren
    OH For crying out loud, If you don't like your job and the pay do what the rest of us do. GET A DIFFERENT JOB! I have no compassion for these idiots, the country has just come out of/coming out of a recession, and they strike, causing havoc to everyone else. And I bet most of the time its the Unions that cause the strike, like Chinese whispers, Cause the unions have got to look like they are doing something. I know people who have gone on strike in the passed, and most of the time they are happy with their pay/conditions, but strike because they are told to! If I was to go on strike in my job in an investment bank(IT), they would just find someone else! STRIKERS ARE SKIVERS! D
  • Nobby
    Is there an app for finding alternative bus routes?
  • Mr P.
    "Commuters and touirsts rejoice" What the hell is a touirst?
  • JP
    Mr D, You sir, have proven yourself to be a MASSIVE FAT CAPITALIST PIG. What sort of a c u n t works at an investment bank? It's YOUR fault that the economy is in crisis. People don't need to strike if their MASSIVE FAT CAPITALIST PIG owners/managers paid them a decent wage. WHY ON EARTH do you, and people in your organisation earn THOUSANDS OF TIMES MORE than tube workers, who, let's face it, really make a difference. If you don't go to work, some CAPITALIST PIG INVESTOR might lose 20p on the total value of his "portfolio" - whereas these hard-working people who make out capital run, really DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU SIR, ARE WORTHLESS. GOOD NIGHT.
  • David
    @JP please stop using the word "pig" to insult bankers. They have a perfectly good derogatory term and it's "bankers", though feel free to substitute a W for the first letter. Pigs are lovely animals that even in death provide useful food. As opposed to worthless banker scum who do nobody any good, alive or dead.
  • Jack T.
    RMT = right moaning twats Led by Bob 'I'm a dumb fuckwit and prove it every I open my greedy fat gob' Crow.
  • Darren
    investment bank(IT), I WORK IN IT JP. you know,, with computers.. sorry I could not think of how to dumb that down any more for you! I am not a banker, and would never want to be a banker, I keep the system's running! I get paid pennies compared to bankers, and would not want there job, way too much pressure/stress. I knew as soon as I mentioned Investment Banking I would get some twat with a reaction like that. No one was complaining about the bankers when it was all going well... ha ha. Its up to the industry to put restrictions on bankers and stop things happening like they did. at the end of the day, most bankers are just doing what they are expected to do. " tube workers, who, let’s face it, really make a difference. " How do they make a difference, they do a piss easy job and get paid a reasonable wage for it. When I used to work in Tesco I got paid and wage which was on level with my knowledge and skills and that made sense! If this was about the likes of Firemen & Police and such I might agree, as they are putting their lives on the line and deserve to have a salary to match that. So you do not want a competitive rate on you mortgage? do you want to pay through the nose? your bank can only offer you good rates, because it has offset them rates with investments (called hedging). D
  • Dave P.
    Why not train them to do something else, they just stand about like zombies.
  • David
    oh dear. you're right that they should have restrictions. but then lying and stealing is generally seen to be wrong. your argument is a bit like saying "I shouldn't have attacked that defenseless person but there was no policeman standing there to stop me" banks don't offer good rates, what they do is daylight robbery and they make a profit whether the market goes up or down. we're not stupid, just powerless to stop it. bankers used to be rewarded for taking risks, now they get rewarded but no risk - if they fail we bail them out and they win if they succeed they win.
  • Pinky
    JP - Learn to read you giant cock.
  • The B.
    Whoah, JP forgot to take his happy pills today, he sounds like utterly illiterate fnckwit though so I wouldn't be too concerned. I work in IT too, but for a Financial services co, bizarrely we run the benefits for some of the privatised tube companies. So, should I stop their benefits because half of my workmates were made redundant during the recession? No? That's pretty much what they're doing to me next week.
  • Dane
    Moar liek TOSSA am I rite?
  • maps l.
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