How to get a refund for your 15-minute late Tube journey

undergroundPA_175x125 Are you a Londoner who has to use the Tube? Or a tourist who has also been forced to travel on the underground network of horrible iron snakes? Nasty isn’t it? But did you know that if your harrowing snake ride is late by 15 minutes or more, you are entitled to a voucher refund of your journey cost? Well get this – you are!

Back in July, 31,356 people applied for refunds, bagging themselves a total of £84,661. But crucially, almost a million more passengers who were victims of late Tube journeys didn’t try and get their money back, either through lack of awareness or because the process was too laborious.

Helpfully, there’s a website that supposedly acts as a one-stop shop for late journey claims – The site lists all late Tube journeys and once you find the one you were on, click on it and they’ll do the rest for you. Then you simply sit back and wait for your compensation vouchers, that you can then use on another cramped, uncomfortable trundle through the darkness of our capital’s detestable rat-infested underground network.


  • Robert
    You could always fill in the form on the TFL website yourself Just find out what the journey time should be using the Journey Planner on the TFL website and if you're 15 late for any reason (e.g on Northern line trains are going to Edgware and not Mill Hill east) you can get a voucher back
  • Christopher
    Horrible? To wait in a cosy warm dry shelter for transport that runs every few minutes and takes you almost anywhere in no time at all, and get a full refund should it not do so? Jeez, you guys wanna move north and use things we like to call "Busses". Rain, wind, cold, once every 15 minutes, frequently another 15 minutes late, stuck in traffic for 30, and then aother 15 minute walk to wherever you're going. Yes, lets complain about the tubes then...
  • Rob
    Yeah, it pisses me off all the cockneys moaning about the tube. It costs next to nothing and runs every few minutes.
  • Freddie M.
    I'm also going to say fuck londoner who moan about having the best transport system in the UK. Try getting a refund off of First when their shit trains and buses don't turn up. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
  • MrRobin
    Used to get £4 for each delayed journey which would add up to about £16-£20 over a month as on average there was a screw up once a week. This would mean about 10% off my monthly fare of £200. They recently changed it so that you only get £2.20 or just £1.80 for some journeys :(
  • Mark C.
    I live in London, having grown up out in the sticks, and even after15 years, I still think the London Transport system is excellent overall.
  • The B.
    I say fuck Northerners who complain about their public transport system, it's not as though you have to be anywhere urgently, you Labour voting workshy layabouts.
  • me
    People who find the tube efficient are very suspicious indeed! This is the most overpriced and unreliable transport system in the world. If someone spits on the tracks you might expect 20 minutes delay.
  • Ten B.
    [...] How to get a refund for your 15-minute late Tube journey [...]
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