Find a holiday that offers value for money (or cheap boobies)

You'll be hard pressed to find value for your sterling abroad this year; from sexy ladies who do "the dirty stuff" in Amsterdam to stetsons in the states, everything is costing a whole lot more than it used to. So if you're yet to choose a holiday destination for this summer, what's the best way to determine where you'll get the most for your money?

Choose by recommendation
Independent travel operators Black Tomato have produced a currency map to show where weak currencies elsewhere in the world will work in your favour right now. Current picks include Costa Rica, South Africa and Iceland:

As the site is keen to point out, getting value for money abroad isn't just about sniffing out weak currencies, because this doesn't always mean cheaper hotels or food and drink. No doubt Black Tomato also have some deals to their highlighted destinations to flog you too.

Choose by the price of ale
The pint has become the universal indicator of value abroad, at least if your idea of foreign cuisine is to order your gammon with the pineapple. recognises this, and relies on travellers around the world to share the price of a beer in whatever pubs they find, in order to generate an average price for each country. The top five cheapest countries based on this rigorously tested beer index are:

  • Panama £0.31
  • Rwanda £0.32
  • Myanmar £0.34
  • Bhutan £0.36
  • Ethiopia £0.37

Whether you'd want to sup a pint in any of those countries is, of course, an entirely different matter.

Choose by video review
However much you pay for a hotel, will you get value for money when you arrive? You've precisely no idea until you get there. So hurrah for travel site, which brings together video reviews from tourists around the world, so you can see what you're getting before you book:

Choose by the cost of a tit job
We're not suggesting you determine your family vacation based solely on the price of nipple-slicing surgery, but another economic indicator might be how much it costs to bump up your bra size. Of course, it might also be an indicator that the indigenous surgeons are drunks with ten thumbs and certification made out in crayon, and to be frank we wouldn't trust a Cuban doctor to stick us with a scalpel. Your choice.


  • mark
    Ohhh! Need to be better informed guys! The Cuban health system and medical training is excellent despite the US embargo. They've developed vaccines, are an exporter of trained Doctors. In fact I think Cuba scores better than the USA on the WHO health care ratings. So, all in all, it may be time for you to consider Havanna for cigars and a boob job! Mark
  • pauski
    All fine - but where is the porn rating £?
  • Paul S.
    Cheers Mark, I'll book the fights tomorrow. I'm off to get my tits done.

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