HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 21st September

new hukd logo It’s International Don’t Talk Like A Pirate Day today, so we won’t be making any references to the shivering of timbers, land-lubbing, pieces of eight, parrots or any of that other shite as we bring you today’s round-up of marvellous bargains.

What we WILL be doing is reminding you that it all hails from HotUKDeals, and urging you to visit the site if you want to see some more of the same.

1020877_1Is it a phone? Is it a portable games console? Is it a robot hairbrush that plays the collected works of Shostakovich when you hold it in a bowl of warm water? Yes and no. What it actually is, is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

It’s the first Playstation phone, with dedicated slide out game controls and touch joysticks and superb graphics and audio and everything. Cool! Wow! Awesome! It’s also an Android-powered smartphone, but you’ll need to keep it away from water. Yours, sim-free for only £199.99 delivered.

1020864_1Earlier, as we saw the dead leaves lying scattered across the pavements, it dawned on us that summer is probably over. It also dawned on us that wandering around in bathing suits with rubber rings around our waists probably isn’t the look we ought to be sporting at this time of the year.

Then we realised that we could already book caravan holidays for 2012 for four days for as little as just £10 per person in a variety of UK locations. And it was straight back on with the bathing suits and rubber rings. Isle Of Wight, here we come!

1021139_1Finally, we turn our attentions to the murky world of Xbox points. We’re going to level with you – we don’t know what they are, what they’re for or even if you can hold them in your hand or put them in small velvet bag or whether they’re just thigs that exist only in our imaginations.

What we do know is that you can now get 2100 of the pesky little blighters for only £11.99. Other XBox stuff is in the offer, including a wireless headset for £19.99 and an Xbox controller for £17.99. Not sure if the other stuff comes in a small velvet bag or not…

(deals found by HUKD members missgem, Sliwka and TERMINATOR_v2)

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  • Joe
    Don't go to the Isle of Wight, it's a fucking shithole.

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