HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 8th June

Morning all. Not in a great mood to be honest. Some bargains here though. Thanks to HotUKDeals. Blah blah blah and that…

Okay then, if the lazy, pig-ignorant antics of the electorate in certain parts of the North of England have left you ashamed to come from this country, you might be in the mood to fuck off out of it for a while in order to recover.

If you’re able to scarper tomorrow (Tuesday), you can fly from Manchester and spend a week in Crete for as little as £196 for a family. More details and some petty sniping over at HUKD.

If you’d prefer to just fanny about in your garden and ignore the fact that the 65th anniversary of D-Day was pissed all over by the election to the European Parliament of some actual British fascists, then we’ve got a couple of deals that are right up your weird street.

Firstly, there’s a 14-piece set of resin garden furniture for only £48.90 – down from £199 according to HUKD member nickkazz. It looks ideal, as long as your neighbours don’t mind it blowing into their garden during a strong wind. Mind you, if they’re bone-headed fascist sympathisers, they might think it’s a foreign spy and hang it from a tree.

Then there’s the all-weather table tennis set – was £499.99 and now only £159.99. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for strengthening local multi-cultural ties with fun summertime tournaments.

But it’s a double-edged coin and if and when the Nazis do take full control of What Used To Be Great Britain, no doubt the morale-strengthening holiday camps will be filled with outdoor table tennis sets as we all strive to achieve strength through joy. What a fucking depressing fucking thought for a fucking depressing fucking day.

(deals found by okian, nickkazz and whizzkid)


  • chrisg.
    I might disagree strongly with their politics, but I'm damn sure I respect their right to vote.
  • Mary s.
    Christ Andy are you knocking off work already with the rest of the BW team, HOT Deals of the day @ 9:50 am :) For future reference it MAYBE worth waiting least.....say 4.30 pm to see what was HOT today. Lazy bastards :(
  • Lenard
    And I might disagree strongly with their politics, but I'm damn sure I respect their right to be ignorant, white-supremacist fuckwits who I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire.
  • Zleet
    Didn't receive any kind of polling cards or postal vote cards or even any info on how to vote (usual polling station moved) so for some reason wasn't able to this year. Wish I could of as it would have been one vote against the BNP and UKIP in europe. It's embarrassing having racist morons like the BNP in any position of power and why did people vote for a party that wants us out of the EU (UKIP).
  • chrisg.
    @Lenard - I might think that as well but I wouldn't feel comfortable in not letting them vote at all on that basis ;)
  • acecatcher3
    im guessing ur not liking hukd atm andy lool!
  • Mary s.
    so it's now 4.45 pm where's the HOT deals we have all been eagerly awaiting spanking off to ??? :) I nominate this little HOTTIE: Brillo Soap Pads 10 in pack - 89p @ Aldi ! a FUKIN BARGAIN.................. ;)

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