HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 4th April

hukd_logob1 Do you like to dream? But do you also enjoy real life? How about when real life can almost seem like a dream? And do you like to take photographs when it all gets a bit dreamy-reality-like?

You do? You’ll do for us then. Feast your peepers on this lot from HotUKDeals while you try and figure out if it’s all a big dream or not…

913201_1They say it is one of the greatest films of recent years but to be honest, when we watched it, it made us start to daydream about something less complicated, like a box set of Captain Caveman. We speak of course about Inception.

Now you can experience it yourself and get the 2-disc special edition for only £5.00. We don’t know what’s on the second disc, but if it isn’t a simplified version of the film, starring a bunch of finger puppets, then we’ll be disappointed.

913212_1From dreams to reality, but the kind of reality that, if you’re a wide-eyed youngling, can seem more like a dream than an actual dream itself. Unless of course, the dream has tap-dancing unicorns in it.

We kind of went off track there, but what we’re on about is a 14-night holiday in Orlando, Florida for only £399 per person. That’s about as good as reality can ever get, so hurry before they’re all gone.

913212_1Of course, we all know that the opposite of dreams are memories. And while you can’t hold on to your dreams, you can hold on to your memories – by getting them photographed while they’re happening.

Better still, why not take advantage of an offer that will get you 50 6x4 prints of some of your favourite photographed memories – all you’ll have to pay is the postage, a paltry £1.49. See how each of today’s deals flowed into each other? Beautiful wasn’t it?

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, Chewchewcheroo and dashernasher)

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