HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 17th July

True Or False Friday. You know the drill. Get with it or get under the table.

Oh, and give thanks to HotUKDeals. Without those guys, all of us would probably be worm food by now.

THE DEAL: Best Of The 80s DVD Box Set – includes The Karate Kid, Tootsie, St. Elmo's Fire, Back to the Future, The Secret of my Success and Police Academy. Only £8.93 with free delivery.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The sequel of Tootsie is due for release in early 2010. It’s called Twotsie.

THE DEAL: Collins 2010 road map – includes locations of speed cameras. Yours for only £1.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The first Collins road map was drawn entirely from memory by Professionals actor Lewis Collins.

THE DEAL: A free £10 HMV e-voucher when you send off for a free Chlamydia test (offer available in London only – there must be lots of unsolved Chlamydia there.)

TRUE OR FALSE?  Chlamydia is the fifth most popular girl’s name in Middlesbrough.

(deals found by HUKD members andywedge, No.1 and Billie_Jean)
All TRUE OR FALSE statements are FALSE.


  • Rubisco
    Statements obviously false today as the sequel to Tootsie is actually named Hootoo
  • Northerner
    If you're going to make a joke about "Middlesborough", at least spell it right!
  • andy y.
    He did.
  • Andy D.
    @andy of yarm - I didn't originally but I've changed it. I don't acknowledge Smogland anyway. For me the A19 is only good for getting to Thirsk.
  • Inactive
    @ Andy Dawson, you need to change it again, it's still wrong ..
  • Andy D.
    No it isn't.
  • Tom P.
    I'm surprised Gibson hasn't given Gareth fuckin Southgate his P45
  • Dave S.
    I thought it was Twatsie?

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