checks ins and outs of the world's hotel prices

Bitterwallet - hotels in New York. Copyright Paul Smith.Every year, tips Bitterwallet the wink* on hotel prices around the world (* not just Bitterwallet, admittedly) with the results of its Hotels Price Index. The survey is based on over 90,000 properties across over 15,000 towns and cities, and ignores the hotel's advertised rates in favour of what customers actually paid through the website.

There's some other maths-based nonsense going on that's far too dull to bother with, but you get the idea - it's lots of lists of the cheapest and most expensive destinations, along with price changes year-on year and other nuggets of travel-based fact. Here's a bunch of them to tease your mental palate:

Most expensive cities per night

1. Capri
2. Geneva
3. New York
4. Dubrovnik
5. Venice
6. Rio de Janeiro
7. Paris
8. Bali
9. London
10. Moscow

More bang for your buck - the top cities to get the highest star ratings for around £100 per night

1. Marrakesh
2. Warsaw
3. Tallinn
4. Lisbon
5. Bangkok
6. Budapest
7. Prague
8. Beijing
9. Cairo
10. Dublin


  • MrRobin
    Capri?!! That shit little island off the coast of Naples? It's a dump! (Well, actually, compared to Naples it's paradise)
  • klingelton
    hmmm, cairo - anyone been there. that's a shit hole. couldn't breathe if you wanted to.
  • The B.
    Venice, I didn't find it that expensive, if you stay in one of the boutique hotels I can imagine you get ripped off but I stayed in a great little B&B beside the station, pretty cheap all in all.

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