HOTEL DEAL KLAXON - The Hoxton £1 sale is on tomorrow

Bitterwallet - Hoxton Hotel £1 saleWhenever the The Hoxton Hotel has one of its famous £1 sales, the entire intermaweb is set alight and consequently goes into meltdown - as does the hotel's website. We're here to do our bit as frugally-minded guardians of the planet, and piss petrol onto that particular fire.

If your idea of a luxury getaway is checking in within walking distance of Old Street roundabout, your luck's in. The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch is a decent gaff, and tomorrow from midday you can book a hotel rooms for just £1 per night. There are 500 rooms up for grabs, with availability between 1st May to 31st July.

Clearly these rooms are going to be snapped up in seconds, and it's a rather transparent way of The Hoxton raising awareness and selling their other specials onto punters - but somebody has to blag these rooms for a quid so it might as well be you, the avid Bitterwallet reader.

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