TripAdvisor review see guests chucked out of Blackpool hotel

Hoteliers have been getting quite the arse concerning TripAdvisor lately. Now, according to the Blackpool Gazette, one owner appears to have taking matters further, by apparently evicting two guests for penning a bad review while he was still staying there - even though the guest denies ever writing it. To be fair, the Golden Beach Hotel already had a lousy score as far as TripAdvisor is concerned, and given that it's over a mile from the sea, you'll probably require reasonable eyesight to see a beach, golden or otherwise.

In this instance, the proprietor clearly felt the timing and detail in the review identified the occupants, who was two days into a three day booking:

Bitterwallet - Trip Advisor review of the Golden Beach Hotel, BlackpoolBut what can a hotel manager do about a poor review? Apparently, they can phone the police - Blackpool's finest turned up at the Golden Beach Hotel and asked the occupant to leave. Guests ejected, the hotel manager then jumped onto TripAdvisor himself:

Bitterwallet - The Golden Beach Hotel, Blackpool on Trip Advisor

So a bad review equates to "bad behavior" and the need for police involvement, even when the guest denies writing it? The story will no doubt go viral in the next day or two, meaning a knee-jerk reaction to criticism may cost the Golden Beach in Hotel more than a lost booking.


  • Stewie G.
    Serves him right for going to Blackpool. Shit hole!
  • Paul C.
    Good to see Gary Glitter getting out and about again.
  • DrTrouserPlank
    The last Hotel I stayed in had a strong odour of Fox pee in the rooms. One can't help but wonder what had been going on in these rooms.
  • The B.
    Most of the management responses seem like utter fantasy, how exactly can they equate the reviews with the guests that stayed there when all the guests do is slag off the décor and leave nothing that would allow the management to place them?
  • Noghar
    @The Real Bob - how many rooms had new carpets fitted? If it was just the one... I love the way the manager claims the guy was evicted because they wanted a child-friendly hotel. Implying the guy is some sort of paedo, when most likely he had just been swearing at whoever was on the front desk. But wtf are the cops doing intervening in such a dispute? Don't they have any crime in Blackpool?
  • Jack T.
    He might deny writing it but it is pretty detailed. How many roooms are they re-carpetting? Any why on earth would a hotel fit new carpet in a room while guests were staying in there? Leave your door open so the room can be cleaned? OMG. On the other hand the reviewer is Leeds scum so he can fuck off back to his sheep shagging.
  • bo
    lets all log onto trip advisor and give it really good reviews! and DrTrouserPlank how do you know what fox pee smells like?
  • MrRobin
    87 'Terrible' reviews and it's not even in the bottom 3rd of all hotels in Blackpool. Stewie must be spot on about the place!
  • MrRobin
    Correction: all 'Speciality Lodging' not hotels.
  • James
    Ha ha, I like that the rave reviews are from people who have not made any previous contributions. The pictures are good too.
  • tfeb
    @ Jack of no trades What a complete prick. I bet you he is a southerner and has never been north of Milton Keynes
  • PokeHerPete
    You can tell its a utter shithole because youve got the manager responding to all the bad reviews with an attitude, often claiming that the reviewer is lying.
  • Barry W.
    Off-topic I know, but I love jacking off in hotel rooms
  • max256
    Management response from max256, General Manager (Management representative) Barry Whitewas removed from the premises for his bad behaviour, the hotel promotes a child friendly behaviour and such behaviour (Especially jacking off) that may affect the peaceful and friendly enviroment of the hotel can not be tolerated. This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Bitterwallet .
  • max256
    Have I mentioned our new games room
  • PokeHerPete
    @max256 a bin full of condom wrappers is not considered a 'games room'
  • The B.
    @Noghar - As I said "Most of the management responses", or did you read a different series of reviews to me where the management answered everyone with regards to one blokes carpet?
  • Carl
    Ah, but does it have tea making facilities and "Colour TV!!!" in all rooms?
  • Zeddy
    "ihatemu" Nice signature, son.
  • zleet
    Would be funny if the interwebs picked this up and started leaving bogus reviews. **** ' Rooms are adequate and functional but this is made up for by every wardrobe being a portal to Narnia. This did have a downside however as I awoke in the night to find Mr Tumnus staring at me and breathing heavily'
  • Jack T.
    @tfeb Wrong. You lose the bet. You're as wrong as wrong fuckwit coz that is what you are. Unless Milton Keynes has suddenly moved to Lancashire. Go play on the motorway. @zleet. Excellent idea, reviewers could add details of their trips to Narnia as well as the hotel.
  • tfeb
    @Jack of no trades ah so your just a manc twat then. Makes sense really
  • Rich
    Time to leave a review for his hotel I think...
  • Blackpool L.
    Trip Advisor does not really help hotels out in Blackpool yes there are so bad hotels but reading some of the comments on there it could cause a hotel to loose lots of money...
  • papa
    Not all hotels in Blackpool can be near the sea. What a stupid and immature comment to make

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