Horrible horrible horrible horrible

“You say it best when you say nothing at all” trilled Ronan Keating back in 1999. He’s dead now (or so we imagine) but we sincerely wish that Nectar and easyJet had heeded his dying words before they went ahead with this desperately shitty piece of 'promotion''.

You see, you can use your Nectar points to book flights with easyJet now, and by way of conveying that message, a couple of stooges dressed as flight attendants got on board a London tube train and arsed about for a bit. Admittedly, a handful of the passengers do look vaguely amused but there’s an overriding air of pity and sympathy being wafted in the direction of the daft dancing sods from almost everyone present.

So now, Nectar and easyJet, now, everyone hates you and no one wants to book any flights to anywhere with anything that has got anything to do with either of you. We’re all hiding in cupboards under staircases, waiting for the anger to subside.


  • DJDarren
    I lasted 45 seconds before my sense of decency could take no more. Remember Bill Hicks' take on advertising and marketing? He was right.
  • Dick
    She should have got naked, and had the slogans on her naked body. Then I might have watched it. And people like that should be banned from the tube.
  • TheStomach
    I propose installing trapdoors in the floors of tube trains
  • SJT
    I hope they got paid a lot of money for that.
  • Alexis
    Not exactly Duff Man
  • Phil76
    Just waiting for Ryan Air to try and top that.
  • Bloke
    I'd like to see them try it in the peak of the rush hour. We'd have the first recorded instance of someone being stuffed into their own suitcase whilst the suitcase was stuffed up their own jacksie.

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