Hooray! Ryanair to pile on the family tax again this summer!

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryIf you have children, then you're going to struggle to fly anywhere without checked baggage, especially for a summer holiday. So it's hats off to Ryanair once more, who will once again be charging passengers extra for daring to bring suitcases with them.

According to The Mirror, Ryanair's captain of communications Stephen McNamara confirmed that prices for checked baggage will rise again for flights in July and August. Checked baggage paid for online will increase to £20 each way, while baggage checked in at the airport will cost £40 each way. Wowsers.

Ryanair's justification, as always, is that the fees are to encourage passengers to travel lighter and help keep their fares low. To be blunt, that's utter bullshit, since Ryanair also doesn't allow children to have cabin baggage and the allowance per adult is just 10kg.

20kg of baggage in two cases for a whole family, and no other hand luggage on the flight? It doesn't work. Cheers, Ryanair!


  • Son B.
    Ryanair suck but this charge is not a tax as your headline would imply.
  • Nobby
    Children do get a cabin baggage allowance - it is infants (0-2 year olds) that do not. But they do get to have a buggy carried free of charge. We used that to its fullest the only time we have taken an infant on a Ryanair flight. Get a large canvas bag to store the pushchair in, make sure you load the underneath of the pushchair up with your baby stuff. Then when it comes to put it in the hold, pack it all into the canvas bag and get it carried for nowt.
  • Bloke
    If only Ryanair wasn't the only airline in the whole wide world. What's that? I can fly with other airlines? How many of them are there? Wow, that many? And I don't have to wrestle alligators to buy a ticket from them?
  • Matt
    My issue with Ryanair - having flown them quite happily many times - is why they insist on pulling stunts like this that seem designed to piss off their customers. I get that it's cheaper not to have preassigned seats and they pass that saving on to customers. But this just looks like profiteering.
  • Jamie
    Pay the extra a fly with a reputable airline, simples.
  • Mark C.
    Or just don't spawn kids, then you won't need to worry so much about baggage, plus you'll not piss off your fellow passengers by forcing them to listen to your brat bawling like a car alarm for three hours. Mind you, if you're not paying to bring up kids, you can probably afford to fly with a proper airline anyway.
  • Slacker
    Want to turn up at an airport within 300 miles of your destination? Want to take luggage? Want to actually arrive at the time you're supposed to? Then don't be a cheap bastard and fly with monkeys like Ryan Air., and if you do then don't complain when they bend you over.
  • nonimaus
    @Matt - Ryanair do it because: a) They get free publicity generated by all the grumbles and moans online. How many outrageous Ryanair press releases (pay to piss, standing on flights, solo pilots) do you reckon were ever seriously considered beyond a random suggestion in a board room and a few idle enquiries to find out whether it's legal? b) Despite practically bending their customers over the seats and rogering them senseless until all the loose pennies fall out, none of it makes a difference when the public is presented with a flight for under a tenner (not including tax and other surcharges, of course). A significant section of travellers want to fly cheap no matter what conditions, so they'll keep adapting their habits as long as it means they get what they want. c) It makes Ryanair more money whether people bring less luggage or not. If everyone stays within the rules and brings less, their overheads go down because fuel is a *major* operating cost of any airline. If people decide to say "fuck it, I'll pay anyway" Ryanair get to recoup the costs of extra fuel; it's a win-win situation for them. They might be a shady bunch of robbing cunts, but they're *damn* good at being a shady bunch of robbing cunts.
  • james d.
    Ryan air want simple efficient people who get on a plane then sit the fuck down. That is not families. And slacker ryanair are the most punctual airline in Europe, although your other points have some merit
  • nonimaus
    It helps being "the most punctual airline in Europe" if you fly to a lot of smaller regional airports which have pretty very little incoming or outgoing traffic and therefore that means that Ryanair are much less likely than other airlines to have to wait for a new takeoff slot if, for any reason (e.g. drunken stag party wankers holding up the queue), they miss their original allocated slot. Also, don't forget that Ryanair, like all other airlines also pad out their flight times so that even if they do push back late, they can still arrive "on time" because they've got 30+ minutes of extra time before they're officially counted as late. Lastly, at the other end of the journey, if they're flying to less congested airports it's much less likely that they're going to suffer the knock on effects of other air traffic delaying their arrival, so the net result is that Ryanair are statistically better placed to arrive "on time" than other airlines who fly to busier airports like Heathrow or Schiphol. So yes, they *are* the most punctual, but it's not a direct or fair comparison to other carriers because they don't operate in the same way.
  • James D.
    Well firstly, my only reason for stating that was that another person said they are late all the time. There are plenty of valid reasons to criticise ryanair without making up ones that are not true. I have repeatedly heard people say "ryanair planes look like they are on their last legs" when actually they also have the newest fleet in eurpope. Yes ryanair do go out of they way to find airports that allow them to not be delayed, their business model depends on turning a plane around as fast as possible. However, even at stansted where I have flown ryanair about 15 times I have only once been more than 15 minutes late and that was only 30 minutes.

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