Commercial Break: Brilliant Honda ad shows you the other side

heist honda Honda Civic have unveiled a quite ingenious advert for their new R Heist.

It's basically two films going at the same time, with the same protagonist, but each has an opposite mood.

What you do is to press 'R' and you'll see the other side.

Go on. TRY IT.

The Other Side seems to show that Honda are up for both families and edgy murderous types being associated with their new motor.

According to Honda Motor Europe’s Head of Marketing, Martin Moll: “This campaign marks a very significant time for our brand. The Civic Type R is one of four new car launches for Honda in 2015 and provides a powerful halo-effect for the marque. Just as our products are renowned for being innovative, our communications style will amplify this."

Not entirely sure about the 'powerful halo-effect for the marque' bit, but can only assume at least he knows what he's on about.

What do you think?

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