Honda and their exploding airbags

old driver car It's a total recall! Honda, Mazda and Nissan - the car makers - are recalling millions of their vehicles from all over the planet.

The reason, they may well explode. Or rather, the airbags could possibly explode.

While no accidents have actually been reported as yet, the Takata Corp. airbags have warned that they very much could do at any moment.

Honda Motor Co. recalled 2.03 million vehicles for the airbag problem, including 1.02 million vehicles in North America and nearly 669,000 vehicles in Japan. That came on top of a million vehicles Honda recalled last year for similar Takata airbag palavers.

Nissan Motor Co. recalled 755,000 vehicles globally, while Mazda Motor Corp. recalled nearly 160,000 vehicles. Like Honda, both companies announced recalls last year, but in smaller numbers.

Toyota Motor Corp. announced an airbag recall earlier this month for 2.27 million vehicles. One fire was reported related to the defect, but no one was injured, Toyota said.

Has your airbag exploded unexpectedly? Let us know below and we'll point and laugh.

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