Holidays to be more expensive, thanks to Brexit?

holiday The mere mention of the Brexit debate turns your average person into a raging lunatic, foaming at the mouth with green bile, outraged that someone might have a different view to them on the whole matter. We know most people are massive babies, so we'll leave them to scream themselves to sleep while we think about our holidays.

That said, if Britain leaves the EU, we could be looking at holidays that are more expensive, irritatingly. An industry body - ABTA - has said that travelling abroad is "likely to become more expensive" if we leave the EU.

There thinking behind this, is that business travellers and holidaymakers will see costs going up, thanks to a potential fall in the value of sterling. Not only that, companies selling travel and holidays might have to up their prices to claw back money, taken from them from new taxes and levies being introduced.

On top of those, ABTA suggest that people wanting to travel will need additional health insurance costs, as the UK might have to leave the European Health Insurance Card scheme.

The report, written alongside Deloitte, also stated that staffing costs would most likely go up, because travel firms currently enjoy "easy and cost effective" recruitment of EU migrants, thanks to the free movement of people in Europe. Opponents of the EU are unlikely to throw much sympathy toward that last point.

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer said: "Our assessment of the report's findings is that a vote to leave will lead to uncertainties and may lead to increased costs for travel businesses and the travelling public."

"We recognise that people will approach this referendum by considering many factors - personal, professional and economic - before casting their vote. ABTA has considered what a vote to leave the EU might mean purely from a travel perspective. Our view is that the potential risks and downsides are not matched by an equal upside for the traveller."


  • Father J.
    Unsubstantiated cobblers.
  • Germaine G.
    Rarely holiday within Europe these days, unless it is a flight with a high ratio of passengers with peanut based allergies then I couldn't care less what the destination is.
  • Marvin
    -You still need health insurance in the EU now (repatriation etc). -Fall in value of Sterling is just scaremongering. -Firms can't use cheap EU labour - have to employ uk people! -New taxes and levies - replacing current EU ones I assume. This article mentions Deloitte, so it's obviously utter bollocks.

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