Holidays to be more expensive, post Brexit

Holidays to be more expensive, post Brexit

At the time of writing, the pound has fallen against the dollar, and house prices are all over the place, post Brexit. That's not a political judgement, rather, plain numbers.

And there's more - the biggest travel company in the world - Tui - have said that the EU Referendum is going to make holidays for people in the UK more expensive.

This is thanks to the tumbling pound, and higher taxes.

Tui own the famous UK brands, Thomson and First Choice, and they said that currently, there's "no apparent slowdown in bookings as a result of the EU referendum".

Chief exec of Tui, Friedrich Joussen, said: "We haven't seen a change in booking patterns since the referendum."

"Yes you will see some price increases but in the last three years you didn't see price increases."

"When you have a lot of incidents, that affects the industry - it's like a rollercoaster, up and down."

The latter is a reference to various terror attacks, and the failed political coup in Turkey. It is obvious that things like this will see people not wanting to holiday in the affected countries.

Regarding Turkey, Thomas Cook has been hampered by the trouble over there, and have lowered their full-year profit forecast after showing a £25 million pretax loss on operations in the three months to June.

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