Holidays can go horribly wrong if you don't book them properly

sunburn Booking a bargain holiday online can seem like a result, but it appears that many of us get carried away with the excitement and set ourselves up to be ripped off.

A new survey has shown that as many as 30% of online bookers don’t bother to confirm the authenticity of their holiday provider, something that could culminate in two weeks spent sleeping in a Turkish ditch, eating nothing but worms and drinking nothing but radiator fluid when all you wanted was a romantic weekend in Paris.

The survey was commissioned by Abta and and also unearthed the stat that 22% of those polled don’t bother to check if the web page is secure before booking a holiday, with 36% not bothering to check the payments in their bank or credit card statements.

They’re clearly too busy thinking about getting burnt to a crisp on their first day or suffering from dehydration thanks to a diet of too much booze and not enough common sense.

Security Minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones dressed herself up as a Harlequin and said: "Many people will be looking for last-minute holidays at this time of year and the internet can provide a great way of shopping around for bargains. However, in your rush to book a holiday you should make sure you are not falling victim to online crime by taking some basic steps to protect yourself."

That bit about the Harlequin might not to completely true mind you…


  • AyePet
    Not Checking your holiday booker is atol protected Not getting Travel Insurance Not properly looking into your destination Not checking the exchange rates properly etc etc etc = Natural Selection Anyone who assumes just booking a holiday and that's it will hopefully be eaten alive by a rabid animal starting with their genitals first at their chosen destination.
  • The B.
    What he said, there's not enough natural selection around.
  • Nobby
    With google earth and streetview, there is no need to go on holiday. Turn on a bright light, rub yourself in gravy and sit in front of the computer.
  • Jack T.
    Holidays can go horribly wrong if book Ryanair
  • Jonny S.
    AyePet gets my vote in the next GE
  • Zleet
    My Aunt and Uncle bought a 'luxury' all inclusive holiday at a '5 star' Caribbean resort from one of the big holiday companies and arrived to find it almost completely closed (one bar partially open and no restaurants) and they all (guests) got food poisoning. I laughed.

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