Holidaymakers conned out of billions

holiday Going on holiday this year? Lucky you. Unless, that is, you're being swizzed out of money by internet ne'er-do-wells.

A report from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has fired off a warning to you sun-worshippers, saying that some holidaymakers who have booked vacations online have been collectively conned out of £2.2m in 2014.

Crims have been targeting online booking firms to swipe money from unsuspecting folk, and many of those only find out that they've been had once they arrive at their hotel, who tell them that there's no record of their booking.

The NFIB report shows, during a 12-month period, that 1,569 cases of holiday booking fraud were reported to the police's fraud squad, with most complaints relating to plane tickets, hacking accounts, posting fake adverts online and setting-up bogus sites. Two groups particularly targeted were sports fans and religious groups, paying for fake tickets to religious sites and/or sporting events, where places are limited and people can charge more.

Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive, said: "Holiday fraud is a particularly distressing form of fraud as the loss to the victim is not just financial but it can also have a high emotional impact. Many victims are unable to get away on a long-awaited holiday or visit to loved ones and the financial loss is accompanied by a personal loss."

"We would also encourage anyone who has been the victim of a travel-related fraud to report it so that the police can build up a case, catch the perpetrators and prevent other unsuspecting people from falling victim."


    Our friends have just had this in Florida,booked a holiday out of a well known daily newspaper, flight was fine but when they got to the hotel they had no record of any booking or indeed the holiday company so they had to pay again with their card. On coming home they have been on a merry go round with the holiday company who say they paid, the American hotel group who say they didnt, the fraud office,ABTA, with zero results so she is now $1200 out of pocket. Moral of the story is use a reputable agent and not newspapers, teletext and dubious web sites.
  • George C.

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