Hey Peter Griffin, Flybe is now offering volcano insurance

Yesterday we learnt that the Icelandic volcano had been powerful enough to halt ships in the ocean, at least according to Zavvi (or as dunfyboy pointed out in the comments, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull had seemingly "ripped through time and has been affecting Zavvi’s delivery times for years").

Of course, making excuses about delayed deliveries is one thing. But nobody would attempt to make a quick buck after such an unprecedented aviation event. It's not like anybody would attempt to scare the money out the pockets of future airline passengers, now is it? You simply wouldn't want to play on the distress caused to tens of thousands of people by suggesting they'll be screwed if they don't cough up for yet another ancillary charge.


Bitterwallet - Flybe's Volcanic ash insurance

Flybe, the UK’s Number One Domestic airline, has become the first airline to offer you the opportunity to buy Volcanic Ash Insurance underwritten by travel insurance partner, Chartis.

It's difficult to know which surprised us more - that Flybe really are offering volcano insurance, or that they're the UK's number one domestic airline. But as my uncle says, never trust an airline that bases its ancillary charges on an episode of Family Guy:

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Billy


  • wonky h.
    As they say in Uzbekistan, "Good Luck"
  • dunfyboy
    They also have tiger insurance, but include it in the cost. That's why there's no tigers on FlyBe's planes.
  • Ryan
    Lol @ the family guy clip telling the future. Good luck with £6.99. Does it include ash cloud insurance also ? I'd rather buy some handsome cream myself

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