Hey, British Airways! This is how to raise staff spirits!

More British Airways strike action. Boo. Perhaps all that's needed is a little love and understanding, perhaps a big sing-a-long! And Tracy from accounts acting like a gangsta rapper.

Yes, BA could certainly do far worse than to follow the lead of Southwest Airlines, and produce over nine minutes of eye-watering, big-haired, team-building corporate crapola resulting in the loss of dignity for all concerned. If you get past a minute, you have a stronger constitution than any of us.


  • Rich
    Sweet Jesus, those sick bastards!
  • tracey t.
    WELLL what can I say. I managed to watch all of this video clip.it gets worse as its played on.how bad must these people feel.I only hope it was done for charity.as being made a fool of.has got to be worth something.BA STAFF get a grip.we are coming out of a recession .AT LEAST YOU HAVE A GOOD JOB.it could be worse go on a team building course like these poor souls,and then you can complain about being made a fool of.you may get compensation for making a fool out of yourselves.
  • Amanda H.
    I bow to thee Tracey. Blood started to run from my nose and ears after 45 seconds. They haven't done that since I caught a glimpse of the cillit bang advert.
  • Uncle C.
    Mullets, big shoulder pads, bad perms. Was this made in the late 1970s?
  • ha
    "adjust those flaps" yeah!
  • Numpty
    Made it to 30 seconds then felt nauseous. Truly vile. Do you reckon there will be some industrial compensation claims for compromising dignity or something ?

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