Hello to Southwest Trains, now please repair your bridge

Barely a fortnight ago, we posted a story from Bitterwallet reader Rishi. Our concerned correspondent wasn't happy about the state of a pedestrian bridge at Farnborough Hampshire rail station, operated by SouthWest Trains:

According to Rishi, the number of commuters using the station in recent years has shot up, yet there have been few or no improvements made to the bridge's stairway, which Rishi described as "already dangerous in dry weather and worse during rain and snow". Instead of spending money on repairs, SouthWest Trains decided to plaster stickers across the bridge stating the bleeding obvious:

While the adhoc stickers may have suggested the uncovered stairs were unsafe, Rishi has now been in touch to say they've now been removed altogether. It's good to know SouthWest Trains are avid readers of Bitterwallet, so please get in touch - if you're not going to warn people about using the bridge, does that mean you're going to repair it instead, or that you don't think there's a problem? In which case, what was the point of the stickers again?

What do you think?

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