Hellish holiday hiccup for cancer stricken woman

When you’re terminally ill and jetting off for a bittersweet final holiday with your family, the last thing you want is some incompetent travel company ballsing everything up, causing you to be evicted from your villa an hour after you arrive.


Well, that’s what happened to Lorraine Beasant, who went to Mallorca for (literally) a bucket deal with her nearest and dearest and was confronted by local police demanding to know what she was doing there.

The Beasant family had booked the holiday through travel company Villa Parade last year, but the owner of the property said he’d cancelled his contract with the company in November 2013 and was no longer renting it out. So they turned up while the owner was out and neighbours then called the police.

So when did Villa Parade decide to tell Mrs Beasant she’d been moved to alternative accomodation? Er, the day before she left, April 11th, in an email, which she didn’t pick up in time.

*golf clap*

She was then moved to another villa, but crucially, it had no downstairs bedroom, meaning that poorly Mrs Beasant had to drag her oxygen cylinder up the stairs. NICE.

In their defence, Villa Parade said they’d tried to phone her 4 times to tell her that her villa had been changed but had received no reply. A spokesman from the company said:

'Villa Parade would like to stress that we were not aware of Mrs Beasant’s medical condition, but because everyone at Villa Parade are proactive supporters of Cancer Research UK we would like to offer Mrs Beasant and her family our sincere apology.'




  • Mr B.
    Another example of the intrinsic underlying hatred companies now feel towards their loyal customers (cash cows). Businesses should just cut the BS and start harvesting organs and recycling body parts, at least they would then be honest.
  • Tourism D.
    You wouldn't travel to a villa you couldn't enter so who handed the keys over? Maybe Villa Parade forgot to contact their reps as well?

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