Hell fire! Flights cancelled across UK and Ireland

Bitterwallet - UK and Irish flights cancelledVolcanos. Rubbish. There's trouble on the horizon, and it's more of that damned volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull. All flights due to arrive at and depart from Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have been grounded as of 7am this morning, until at least 2pm this afternoon. Parts of Northern Scotland's airspace has also been shutdown.

That might sound insignificant, but it's affecting several hundred flights; all Aer Lingus flights to and from Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast airports to European destinations have been cancelled, as have all Ryanair flights back and forth across the Irish Sea. Aer Arann flights have been cancelled, and easyJet services to and from Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness face disruption.

Because aircraft due to service unaffected routes may have been due to fly routes now cancelled, it's probable there will be disruption to other routes across Europe. As always, check with your airline or airport before travelling.



  • Bullet
    Oh no.
  • milky
    Nice clean sky's from less planes... I'm not complaining, & we were stuck in all the "mess" of a few weeks ago.
  • Ash
    Oh no!! Please "god" nooo!! Don't do this to me again! Please don't let this not affect me again!!
  • mein c.
    @Ash don't you have pokeymans to catch or something
  • 3dtv
    Its only flights to Ireland - so who cares anyway? Its a good excuse not to go there.
  • Smithdogg
    Isn't "Volcanoes" the plural of Volcano?

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