Have YOU had your cheap Pontins holiday cancelled?

pontins-brean-400 About three months ago, a very tasty deal appeared on the Pontins website – 7 nights self-catering for four people at their Brean Sands resort for only £33.07. Hard to knock back an offer like that if you’re in the mood for a low-budget break. Not surprisingly, lots of punters went for it.

Now it gets complicated. Fast forward to the present day and it seems that a sizeable bunch of excited holidaymakers have been contacted by Pontins and told that their 7-night stays have been cancelled. Sure there’s the usual apologies as well as some offers of 50% off a holiday at a later date, but in short, that’s some pretty unacceptable behaviour from Pontins.

We don’t know whether they’ve originally oversold the £33.07 holidays or whether it was a misprice that has just come to light, but for Pontins to cancel three months after taking the bookings, when customers are just a few weeks away from their holiday is scandalous.

Over at HotUKDeals, there’s around 20 people who have been affected by the actions of Pontins – we expect that there’ll be many more out there as well. If you’re one of them, contact HUKD here – they’re currently talking to some major media outlets who are keen to fight their corner.


  • Mike H.
    I wouldn't go to Pontins if you held my kids to ransom. Filled with chavs. Obviously why it was such a popular deal on HUKD.
  • heywood_jablome
    Have to agree, i'd rather spend a week in an open prison. You'd get the same drugs, same clientelle, but the food is free and they have proper security :)
  • Big G.
    Who gives a toss where you pair of twats want to holiday, people have been robbed of a holiday at short notice, nothing short of criminal.
  • miss-teeq
    That is scandalous! Pontins is worse than Nestle
  • Dan
    If you've had a Pontins holiday cancelled, you're pretty lucky.
  • Dogturd A.
    Where will all the foxes go?
  • Mike H.
    And I don't give a toss that you've had your holiday cancelled you tight fisted fat little fuck. Whjat type of person goes to these places other than criminals? Dick head.
  • Charmane
    I savud up lods to aford the holiday, I ad 2 sel ludsa crack, owmy sposed to tel my liluns that we aint avaing no oliday dis year and deys gonna ave to back upta Kings X an tout agin?
  • :-(
    Bloody hell... there is some right dickheads on this website these days. Some muppets commenting, irrelevant shit, daily.
  • ;-)
    I enjoy them, if I was being honest.
  • Bitterwallet
    @ :-( It's always been that way you knob jockey.
  • Bitterwallet
    Apology accepted
  • ;-)
    you're welcome
  • Graeme
    He he - doesn't the P in Pontins look a bit like a penis?
  • :-(
    Who apologised...?
  • ;-(
    I did.
  • :-(
    So did I.
  • Bazinga
    Those who had them cancelled should buy 33 lottery tickets instead, it's a blessing in disguise.
  • P C.
    I don't know what's funnier, people thinking a £33 "holiday" was legit or that people still go to Pontins
  • P C.
    Check out the reviews on Tripadvisor for extra laughs, particularly the travellers photos
  • iSSac M.
    ^ Do what he said. Havent seen such filth and degradedness since Mrs Hock sent me her private snapshots. Oh - and the one of the blazing chalets is particularly worthy of a 'WTF, is dis real'. Save your £33 ppl. Issac.
  • Biff W.
    Damn, I just bought brand new pair of g-star jeans to go as well
  • shoplifter
    Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday....oh fuck it`s not
  • Alan T.
    At least I won't have to get someone to water the allotment for me now... Oh bugger, there's a hosepipe ban on too...
  • bananas
    I went to Brean Sands in the '70s, it was alright then. Couldn't have changed that much in 30 odd years.
  • bananas
    @graham Wasn't it the T the was suppose to penis like ? Or the dot above the I making some kind of magical combo.
  • Mr C.
    Just looked on Trip Advisor at the photo's, bloody hilarious!! What a Shitpit!!
  • spencer
    I would genuinely rather eat my own hair than spend 1 night in this 'establishment'. Well worth a look at the pictures on tripadvisor. dirty isnt the word.
  • Jase
    Urgh! Like a few others, I just took a quick look at the Tripadvisor pictures...what a f**king dive! I've been to Butlins once or twice as a kid, and whilst it wasn't 5 star and it was a chav-fest, it wasn't anywhere near as horrid those pictures!
  • Jase
    As much as Wakefield is a complete shithole full of chavs, it's layout seems to work pretty well. Westgate is where the majority the kebab shops and nightclubs reside; further up are a lot of the betting shops. So between the train station and bus station, you get most of the squalor out of the way. The actual high-street runs beside the cathedral, with two shopping centres (Ridings & Trinity Walk) nearby. Parking isn't too bad either, Trinity Walk is 80p per hour (with card machines, so no dicking about with change). The problem with Wakefield is that on top of people having little money, they're all tight-fisted. So the high-street isn't as good as it could be because no-one is willing to spend money; so the only shops that really survive are budget stuff (e.g. poundshops) and the big companies that can afford to piss money up the wall anyway (e.g. McDonald's). Wakefield looks like shithole because that's what has formed from the [little] money of its residents.
  • Jase
    delete above (and this), written on wrong bitterwallet article!
  • Clunge
    I'd rather go to Wakefield than Pontins for a holiday, genuinely. But still, I can't argue with the people who bought the hol for £33, at that price you dont have high hopes and it might be better than nowt. What's worrying is that people must actually pay the £500+ a week they're now asking...they're the real fucktards.
  • Kevin
    The Sun is doing holidays for £15 so the Pontin's deal doesn't sound so silly really.
  • proeliator
    It looks like the perfect movie set for a post apocalyptic war ravaged world left to fester and rot. Would probably cost less then 5 quid to make it authentic. Shame the fire they seemed FL have in January wasn't a bit more wide ranging. How places like that don't get shut down is a mystery to me.

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