Have British Airways staff stolen your credit card details?

Flown with British Airways recently? Your credit card details could be in the hands of criminals, according to The Daily Mirror. The newspaper claims anyone who booked a BA flight via their German telesales centre in the last year is at risk, and that many victims had their details accessed immediately after booking a flight. A police raid on Flyline, British Airways' booking centre in Bremen which employs 300 staff has "unearthed significant fraudulent activity". A team leader there has been arrested and dismissed by BA, and a second German colleague has been suspended.

It's alleged that lists of hundreds of BA passengers' credit card details were found in the desks of staff - one person is said to have already confessed to using the details for cloning fake cards. According to The Mirror, there is also evidence of fraud involving refunds, re-issuing tickets and frequent flyer accounts. A BA spokesman told the paper last night: "This is subject to a current German police investigation so it would be inappropriate to comment."

The news has only broken in the past hour - we've spoke to British Airways this morning, and they've promised to update us shortly on what to do if you're concerned your details may have been stolen.

[The Daily Mirror]


  • raptorcigs
    the word british means nothing now
  • Rembrandt
    It means that the likelyhood that anyone from Britain has ever spoke to the German callcentre - which is for mainland Europe - is practically nil. The UK callcentres are based in Newcastle and Manchester.
  • james d.
    There is always going to be a risk of this kind of organised fraud occurring in a call centre. given the work "recently" this indicates they caught the issue quickly and are not trying to brush it under the carpet. I don't think this reflects badly on BA.
  • Johnnie M.
    Quit scaremongering guys - if you don't speak German as your first language (which is surely quite a significant proportion of Daily Mirror / bitterwallet readers) you're obviously not affected!
  • Nobby
    Did The Mirror show a graphic indicating how many sausages could have been bought with the proceeds of the fraud?
  • MyusernameusedtobeaFerarri
    So it doesent really matter how respectable or well known a company is, if you give your credit card details to anybody to pay for anything you are at risk of getting your details stolen. So when a company (such as BA) tells you not to worry and makes a garantee that your credit card details are 100% safe and secure, that they are completely full of shit!? Nobody can make that garantee.
  • How M.
    [...] Have British Airways staff stolen your credit card details … [...]
  • dunfyboy
    Thankfully I'm a T Mobile customer so I don't have to worry about anyone else selling my details. Everybody's got them already.
  • Callum
    raptorcigs - British means nothing? What do you expect BA to do, train a load of British people in European languages (and therefore have to pay them a lot more)? Non-British people do actually fly on BA you know... I'm about to fly with Etihad (the national airline of the UAE) and I would much rather speak to someone in Britain than someone in the UAE just because thats where the airline is based.
  • cheesewax
    "Quit scaremongering guys – if you don’t speak German as your first language (which is surely quite a significant proportion of Daily Mirror / bitterwallet readers) you’re obviously not affected!" a call centre in a different country can query all the bookings and data made in other call centres.. they're usually networked and data can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Have V.
    [...] more here: Have British Airways staff stolen your credit card details … Share and Enjoy: Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden [...]
  • Rembrandt
    @cheesewax You can only get credit card details by writing down the details when you take them over the phone, you cannot retrieve them from previous bookings.
  • Alan, F.
    20 hours before departure, trying to check-in online.. British Airways website will not open!!! This happened the last time I flew with BA last month! What's their problem? Not what you expect from a reputable airline. I hate to say it, but RYAN AIR beat them by far in this department.
  • Nick F.
    Had the same problem - BA site was down in its entirety - but have now just checked in OK for a departure tomorrow morning.
  • kh
    i was scamed in a totally different way hope this will make sense, the guy advertise on gumtree using this email address [email protected] selling british airways flight tickets you buy one through him but when the day for you to travel come you are told your ticket has been cancelled because it was purchased by the fraudulent credit card. when you go back to him he just ignores your emails- i lost £800 and my friend lost £400 to these people.
  • alex
    yeah, just a pitty that BA didi nothing to inform possibly infected customers or even the police.
  • marika v.
    BA stff have used my card details after I recently purchased a ticket at cape town international and on good friday withdrew more than R 10 000-00 from my account to purchase ba forex. now nobody knows anything about the transaction. my advice stay away from BA

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