Groupon's response to fundraising query lacking in charity

In the wake of natural disasters, there's always a drive to push the public into supporting charities. Often it's companies responsible for drumming up donations, but there's a balance to strike - they clearly don't want to appear to be exploiting a situation in the name of profit.

Yet, in the wake of the Japanese earthquake at the weekend, two companies managed to do exactly that; both Coca Vita and Microsoft tried to build up their followings on Twitter by only offering to donate money if users forwarded on their messages.

Group-buying site Groupon attempted a more straight forward way to encourage donations:

Bitterwallet - Groupon Japan donations

That looks simple enough, but several people posted on Groupon's Facebook group to question the wording; did Groupon mean they'll match all donations up until the total donations reaches £70,000, or until the total of their donations and matched contributions reaches £70,000? 'Up to the collated total value of £70,000' may mean that as soon as the total raised between customers and Groupon reaches £70,000, then Groupon will stop donating - so customers could collectively raise £69,000 meaning Gropon would only have to match £1,000 to reach the £70,000 maximum.

Facebook questioned the wording and asked what Groupon's intentions were, a perfectly valid point given there's a difference of £70,000 between the two scenarios. With that in mind, Facebook users weren't really expecting the response from Groupon:

Bitterwallet - Groupon japan donations

Oof. Nobody had actually said they weren't interested in supporting charity, only that they wanted to ensure their donations would be matched. Groupon's childish response has now managed to turn people further off donating through them, rather than resolving a reasonably straight forward question.

Charity really shouldn't be this difficult, should it?


  • rob
  • PokeHerPete
    Everybody! Join in a football chant! Are you Groupola in disguise? Are you Groupola in disguise? Are you Groupola in disguise? ARE YOU GROUPOLA IN DISGUISE?
  • Ben
    Whats this got to do with Groupola? Its Groupon. And anyway, isnt everybody overlooking that Groupon are doing something really worthwhile? They are matching everyones £2 donations! I think they probobly got fed up with everyone looking into the worthwhile cause too much. Grow up nobs. Peace out.
  • Bert
    Oh Ben, do fuck off and stop taking people so seriously, oh and Groupon can fuck off as well.
  • philip f.
    @ Ben So you think It's ok for companies to use thousands of deaths in a marketing campaign to raise their profile? If groupon have got 70 grand lying about to give to charity they should just fuckin give it!
  • Ben
    Nice, cheers.
  • Bertisatwat
    So when is Bitterwallet going to be raising money for the Japanese? Well done Groupon, ignore idiots like Bert who can fuck off back into his mums vagina.
  • PokeHerPete
    I if you want to donate, do it directly through Red Cross, not through some twatty company with ambiguous t&cs and immature staff.
  • andy y.
    Business is about trust.Hmm
  • Brad
    Terms and conditions for a charitable donation? What fuck off and just give us the straight facts like were asked, If your company is not interested in supporting charity's then dont fucking bother making a song and dance about it.
  • Slacker
    Charity is big business, I wouldn't blame anyone for looking into the T&Cs.
  • Megan
    I am so glad that this got posted! Groupon have been rude to anyone asking questions about their T&C! Glad you're getting this out there!
  • Tom
    I think there are some groupon comments on here don't you think Ben?

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