Great job ads of our time - CeX seeking El Presidento for Spanish arm

We’ve got something of a soft spot for the CeX chain of tech trade-in stores. The company never got a mention during the nominations for Worst Company In Britain 2009 and when you’re in one of their stores, you feel as though they’re living up to their description of being “fiercely independent, passionately uncorporate, yet always professional.”

When he was still a sharp-brained young whippersnapper, this writer used to work for Our Price (who they?) back in the days when entertainment retail still seemed more like a bit of a lark than an actual job. Fittingly, whenever I step into a CeX store, I start to feel slightly hot behind the eyes as I am overcome with pangs of nostalgia.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Andrew C spotted this erm, slightly quirky job ad on the CeX website and it’s such a refreshing change that it almost makes us puke. Extra marks for the Tropico reference and the shambolic non-attempts at grammar and punctuation. For example, we're pretty sure that 'uncorporate' isn't a word.

The job doesn’t sound half-bad either…

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 23.17.20


  • Mike R.
    I get confused between CEX and the Benefits Centre juding by the people that queue outside both.
  • Chris
    It should be 'El Presidente'
  • me
    haha thats fantastic! Personally I love the local cex - they clubbed together and bought ALL of the inglorious basterds blu rays from hmv and then split the profits between them - I now know why they have no cash!
  • Spark
    I'd take this job.

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