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Bitterwallet - Ryanair customer services email address
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  • Nobby
    This email address has been on saynoto0870 for almost three years now ... so I wonder if all the email just gets trashed?
  • Inactive
    The email address for the Chief Executive of easyjet is [email protected] .. that was published in an in-flight magazine, it belongs to Mr. Andrew Harrison. I bet he regrets publishing it after all of the recent easyjet cancellations.
  • Nobby
    It's so easy to change an email address. I bet none of the corporate ones are read as soon as they are found out and published online.
  • dunfyboy
    And even if they're not, I bet Andy never sees them.
  • Andy
    What emails? I never see any from moans customers.
  • DavtT
    We have a published email address for compalints - we don't read any of them and simply empty the mailbox once a month.
  • mary t.
    Just after flying back from Spain with Ryanair and to be quiet honestly it is such a stressful experience .You are just treated like a herd of cattle from checking in until you arrive at your destination.As regards PRIORITY Boarding,what a joke, never again.You pay for same and get checked in ,made Q down number of stairs until your plane has unloaded its cargo!!.Meanwhile people who have not paid for PR Bdg are coming down the lift and getting ahead of us fools!Why not let us pay for specific seats it would be much fairer but then he would not get his passengers on board fast enough and wouldnt have to boast his boring BULL SHIT RHYMN about R A arriving on time.What STupidity Michael OLeary.You are gone stale.Wake up and smell the shit.
  • annie b.
    On June 28th, I had to fly from Tenerife to Edinburgh, with 2 young people-15 and 16. Although the immigration laws are quite clear about the fact that all young people need to travel is-authorization signed by the parents, made by the police, to leave the country-the Spanish ID card, Ryanair pretends to do their own laws. they would NOT let the young people fly, saying that they had to have a passport to travel-for not being 18. The immigration officer was called, and showed the Ryanair employees the extract of the law. But this was not enough. They then pretended to be ringing -the company in Ireland -we all know that they don't ever do that) then the police in Edinburgh. The alleged answer from the police in Edinburgh was that it was up to the company to decide. Well, they had us stressed until the last moment. I have to say that I am 50, A British citizen, and that I finally became quite aggressive, strangely enough, they us got on the flight only 10 minutes before boarding time.
  • Jonathan
    I flew out of Birmingham to Dublin last Sunday afternoon Rynair, paid for 2 Priority Boarding Tickets, got on a bus with everyone else so absolutely no point in paying, wish me luck in getting refund!
  • Jean
    I recently returned from Vienna to london, i was able to check in on line from my ipad but didnt realised i also had to print the ticket, i arrived at the aiport with checking staff fighting for 1.2 kg over, then i didnt have a boarding pass they charged me 60 euros for giving me one. I wasnt angry to pay for not having it i was angry that rayanair (what ever name this is) was taking advantage of my situation to rip me off. There mus tbe plenty of people like this out there, i am unemployed and wen tofr an interview this wasnt fair and it is incredible that some think that there shouldnt be governement interference on those kind of company attitude. Who says governement intervention is not necessary when people are getting ripped off? I entend to write and request a partial refund if they refuse i am not bothering with local courts i will go to th european law court they are more in favour of consumers and the company could see a suite of jurisprudence meaning they would have to reimburse every one they ripped off.
  • Jean
    And take my advice dont fly Rayanair fly Nikki, or air Berlin, they give you food and drink despite being charter airlines, or easyjet great as well. Beware of scale before getting on Rayaniar in hte waiting room before boarding i saw people giving up their louggae completly with properties inside i suggest to boycot this compagny anyway they will never see me on it no matter how cheap.
  • gclasEoilosEn
    More information about this error may be available
  • Caroline
    A group of six of us were flying from Luton to Tenerife South with Ryanair. Our flight was at 11.10. Got to the airport at 9.15 and queued at check-in for over an hour because Ryanair had only paid for one gate to be open. Then my sister, who had simply misunderstood the luggage rules, got charged £120.00 for her case (one way!). The lady at check in got my sister to the front of the queue because it was getting late. Finally we got upstairs to security where one of the party had her case selected by security for check. We told the member of staff that our plane was due to leave shortly but she had no regard for us at all. She took her time, had a long and slow conversation with another member of staff and explained nothing to us. She was delayed for over 20 minutes. We ran through to the gate but they refused to let us on. What is really frustrating however is that they delayed take off while they got suitcases back out.....that took so long they may just as well have let us board! We spent the next three hours complaining and trying to sort somethng outright but got nowhere. Ryanair have no reps at Luton as they are all in Ireland. There is no structure or management and it cost some of the party 450.00 to get a later flight with monarch airlines up cost the rest of us 110 each. The final insult was when service desk told me that we didn't need to queue to check in. Oh and no money back
  • Caroline
    No refund to my sister for the baggage _will have to write to them
  • manon
    something dodgy going on with ryanair i fly with them alot but last week i thought i was goiing to die in their plane and the pilot obviously had no idea what he was doing rerooting our plane twice and instead of arriving home at 2pm arrived at 8pm very tired hungry and fuming as they lied to us and dont explain anything i want my money back and i think people should push for them to explain their actions i will never be using them again and even if it means i have to drive 2 hours to another airport that is what i will be doing from now on !! and its ridiculous that a company thats does stansted carcassonne twice a day there was not one member of crew speaking french in an event of an accident with 90% french on board we would have been in big trouble no one could understnad what the staff were going on about and why we landed in perpignan instead of carcassonne and why we stopped in poitiers half way and a pilot trying to land in cacarssonne nearly killing us all all these questions i want answers and im sure the other passengers do too!

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