Google releases free Sat-Nav app for your Android phone

21 April 2010

Those of you with an Android-powered mobile are now in luck - you can download Google’s free sat-nav app, Google Maps Navigation. Although it was launched last Autumn it hasn't been available to UK residents until today. The website still says the app is only available to US residents, but Techcrunch is reporting that a recent update means UK customers with at least Android 1.6 can use it, complete with Google's own road maps.

And it's quite an app, too; you can Google search your destination, by text or voice, see your route in street view or satellite view, see traffic congestion ahead, add layers to show businesses and petrol stations on your route. It's like having Kenneth Kendall and Wincy Willis in a teeny tiny box, guiding your every move - whether your mobile service provider can provide a consistent 3G signal to your handset while you drive, is another matter.


  • Mike R.
    Google says to get it just search "Google Maps" in the Market. That brings up 355 results for me. Mostly for crap and not sortable and can't be filtered. If I try and be clever and search for "Google Maps Navigation" it says there are 14 results but refuses to show them to me. Cheers Google.
  • Mienaikage
    1.6 or later. Fuck HTC and their slow updates.
  • Mr G.
    Has Google ever looked at its own maps and said "Shit! There are other countries outside the US (and China). Maybe we should see if there are people there and if they'd like the latest Google products too?". I'm looking at getting an Android phone next (in a couple of months). I think they might become quite popular when Apple start charging $1.21 Gazillion for the iPhone 4, which probably still won't multitask or allow tethering. It would be nice if, by then, Google could man up and start serving the whole market properly. Until then I'll find my way around with Ovi Maps on my Nokia. It's free, you know.
  • Randomhero
    My HTC phone is running 1.6, its a google g1 on T-mobile
  • maxtweenie
    I'm typing this on my HTC Desire running Android 2.1. I just go to Maps, then Directions and it works. Shit hot. Fuck you Steve Job.
  • Dan J.
    I'd love to try this on my HTC Hero. However I am with T-Mobile and they don't seem to care about their customers having the latest firmware. I am on 1.5 and if I am very lucky, may get 2.1 sometime in 2014
  • yogir n.
    WTF is dis real
  • The B.
    Cheers, I'll stick it on my Desire in a mo.
  • Svenster
    Mr Greggles, even my grandmother knows that the iPhone OS 4.0 has multitasking???
  • mark M.
    I couldn't find it eaither, but after downloading an update to google maps, it was there within Google Maps. I'll try it on my way home tonight
  • bob
    why does someone always put "WTF is dis real" Cunts
  • Mr G.
    Svenster, multitasking needs hardware, as well as software. Is your grandmother clairvoyant and can see a future with iPhone 4s running a multitasking OS or is she... STEVE JOBS IN DISGUISE!!! Bwahahaha!
  • Junkyard
    Sorry Greggles, the iPhone's hardware is already capable of multitasking. That's how it can play music while you do other stuff. All it needs is an OS which actually allows the user to access this wonderful feature which Stevie's been forced to add because Android's making him look a bit silly.
  • Scooter o.
    It's gonna be a good day when someone does a mash up of this app mixed with the sex offenders register.
  • Corla
    is this the last nail in the coffin of other GPS devices? Now I want an android phone.
  • Steve J.
    If you want porn and GPS, buy an Android phone, perverts.
  • Carl
    Been using this today around Cardiff and it's fantastic. My only gripe for now is that the screen doesn't stay on (obviously to preserve battery) but I'm sure this will be fixed when I get an in-car USB charger.
  • mark M.
    I used this on the way home and I am impressed. However, it totally zapped my battery life (horribe anyway on the Tattoo). The voice can get a bit annoying, especially as she reads the entire contents of the road signs and repeats it every so often. I also noticed a couple of "turn right" commands, even when it obviously showed left! All told, for free, it is a great little app and I'm sure it will improve over time
  • Jack
    "why does someone always put “WTF is dis real” Cunts" I know, its so fucking annoying. It was due to what happened on a Youtube video once I believe, then it reached Digg and Reddit, now people think its cool to do it all the time.

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