Google now running transport

google maps Google have added transport information to its Maps apps. Now, one can source departure times and routes for buses, trains, subways and trams.

This is handy, especially if you've ever tried to use a travel company's timetabling system and found yourself feeling a thick and useless as a golden retriever trying to work out how to use a joypad.

While not the first service to do so, it is a significantly higher profile affair than Rome2Rio's UK Transport Search, and knocks the Trainline into the equivalent of an internet cocked hat.

While Google had previously provided transit data for parts of Great Britain, it had lacked coverage in much of Wales, the Midlands and northern England, as they're quite terrifying wastelands of despair populated by ogres and fishwives, obviously.

In total, schedules from nearly 1,500 different transport operators have been integrated, including more than 17,000 different routes and more than 330,000 pick-up points.

No excuse for tardiness now.

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